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Visit the Berlinale 2021 in Berlin with Coach Charter Germany - your bus company

Visit the Berlinale 2021 in Berlin with Coach Charter Germany - your bus company

Berlinale 2021

Berlinale Festival by Coach Charter Germany

The Berlinale festival 2021 offers an exceptional opportunity of artistic analysis and creativity. It is one of the principal motion picture carnivals that are open to the public globally. This 11 day event draws hundreds of thousands of people every year. This annual February large event is among the top industrial occasions for the Cinema industry and the entertainment media.

Due to the history of this festival, and its creation as a platform promoting the western world’s way of life after WWII, this event was constantly a place for films, ideas and actors with strong political views and agendas. Therefore, it is still regarded as the foremost Film Carnival with most political views today.
At the Berlinale you can find international movie super stars and fresh rising stars at the same red carpet. This festival offers the chance to learn and credit the film industry directors, producers, writers, technicians, and actors from all genres. The festival is considered the forum that offers a stage for all new ventures, ideas and revelations.

The 71th Berlin International Film Festival, (renowned as the Berlinale), will be held between 11.2.2021 - 21.2.2021 at the Berlinale Palast venue in Berlin city. It is held up in same status with the Cannes Film Festival in France, and the Venice Film Festival in Italy as the top European Film events.
According to the booking system, the average sales of 300,000 tickets, and 500,000 admissions every season, make this event the cinema festival with biggest public visitors in the world. More than Four Hundred moving pictures of all kinds participate in this event normally, but only 20 films will be selected to contest the Golden and silver Bears awards.

Along the Berlinale Festival’s dates, The European Film Market, which is a film industry trading fair is held concurrently. This is a significant conference for the international cinema industry. This conference is held by presentations, work-shop sessions, and technical meetings for the industry. This special market is attended by film distribution companies, trading and producing agents, where most of the industry’s financing and legal matters are discussed. This Film Market and other technical meetings are attended by thousands of industry professionals and thousands of Journalists.

Our airport shuttle, Bus Charter, and Tour bus by Coach Charter Germany are humbled to be the trusted coach transport for Berlinale visitors. Where ever your group is staying, our Bus Company will punctually drive your transfers to the Berlinale Palast, other cinemas or venues, any hotel, and of course to any airport. There is the option to hire a comfortable Long Distance Charter Bus with driver for many days tour covering other cities in Germany, or across to any European country.

Berlinale’s History

In 1950, during the turbulent times after the WWII, a media officer at the American High Commissioner office in Berlin, named Oscar Martay, suggested to hold a film festival in Berlin. After a committee from the German films association, and members of Berlin’s senate agreed, with the American Military offering financial loans to start, the festival was launched in June 1951, with the first awards were selected by a West German panel. In 1978 the event dates were changed to February, and it has been held in every February since then. The 1978 festival was special as the 3 top awards awarded to Spain for 3 Spanish films. This country awarding was in gratitude for Spain’s extraordinary contribution to the festival that year. The 1978 season was also the start of the technical European Film Market conference.

The Film requirements: Different, Independent and Courageous

Every year, hundreds of films from all categories, extents and formats are displayed in the numerous segments and special arrangements at the Berlinale. Across the entire genres spectrum, the public is invited to experience all the new ideas and narratives from the different projects, and then share their feelings and conclusions by live discussions. Berlinale is famous for passionate dialogue between film makers and viewers, with these heated discussions controlled by expert panels to keep it fair.
For swift travel, and avoiding traffic jams for this important occasion, Coach Charter Germany with its Chartered bus, Charter Bus Company, and Tour Bus services is simply your accountable option to hire when planning the group’s transfers during this busy period. With Coach Charter Germany’s rental bus you can rest assured to be on time for any film screening and much more in a safe and comfortable fashion.

The Berlinale program sections

The films Competition section is the festival’s cornerstone to display the competing films to be debated and scrutinized before the awards selection.

The section of Encounters is a special podium targeting to show and support special aesthetics and innovatively structured films from autonomous and pioneering filmmakers.

The Berlinale section of Film Shorts competition glows with vivid colors, pushes boundaries and initiates new directions in the amazing world of open prospects in cinema.

The Panorama section is dedicated to the surprising and astonishing films. This section is the public’s favorite. This section offers the audience award to film makers, and has the largest Jury for that purpose.

The Forum section or the Forum Extended section focuses on artistic considerations by the moderate film, social and artistic dissertation with a precise concentration on the aesthetic side of films.

The Generation section focuses on films that address deep important issues that matter to young generations of film makers, and other generations of course.

The German Cinema Perspective section sponsors new and rising German film makers to debut their films to screen new original ideas to enrich the German cinema with styles and ideas.

The Berlinale Special section offers the opportunity for films with extra-special features, glamorous notions, or the festival’s special global concerns like the environmental issue.

The Berlinale Series section focuses on new and upcoming TV series with limited first look at the latest in TV productions in the world, which need to be recognized and appreciated.

The Festival section of Retrospective, Classics and Homage by Berlinale is the section where audiences can explore great films history with best quality.

The special festival section of Berlinale Goes Kiez pays tribute to art house cinemas and their dedicated work with featuring films, their actors, crew, and fan audience for a wonderful experience.

Good reasons to employ Coach Charter Germany

Coach Charter Germany’s tour bus company is knowledgeable with 48 years experience in the charter bus and airport shuttle bus industry, which you can consider to have when making sure your group’s travels in Berlin for Berlinale are prompt.

With our local tour bus depot ready, you can book any modern bus size available for your group’s trip needs. Bus Rental can complete your airport shuttle requirements, any city travels by charter bus, or a full day chartered bus by our Bus Company for your group’s itinerary. Coach charter Europe’s Team looks forward to your inquiry so we can make an offer that best suites your group’s visit to Berlinale and Berlin.

Kindly get in touch get in touch with us to request your personal quote. You can book a bus with Coach Charter Germany easily by using the inquiry form on our website. You can also send us an email or call under +49 5841 9773 25 to speak directly with an agent of our charter bus booking department.


Berlinale 2021 in Berlin  Bus Charter | Coach Rental
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Berlinale 2021 in Berlin  Bus Charter | Coach Rental
For several years now we have worked with Irro-Reisen coach company for our annual spring program in Europe. This year they helped us in Prague over several days of programming. We can highly recommend them for prompt, friendly, reliable, and professional services. We have never been disappointed. We absolutely trust them and rely on them in delivering the program we offer.

Family-run company

Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

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