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Visit the Top 10 places in Sardinia with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Sardinia with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
There are a lot of wonderful stuff in Sardinia. Sardinia is hardly visited as a tourist destination. This is something unknown by most Singaporeans and non-Europeans. Sardinia is primarily a summer holiday destination because of the stunning beaches on the island. There is more to Sardinia than sun and sand. Perhaps the only thing you know about Sardinia is the world famous Costa Smeralda, the spectacular Emerald Coast, which takes its name from the incredible turquoise blue lapping water against its golden white sandy beaches. There is even more interesting about the rugged Mediterranean island.

Coach Charter Germany will be your party travel assistant while flying to Sardinia. Let the professionals make the reservations on your tour. We may offer multi-day coaches to transport visitors across Sardinia. You may also select a transfer service to Alghero Airport. The best form of a bus rental company in Sardinia is via a chartered bus.

A coach in Germany wants to take you to some of the best sights to see on the Island of Sardinia: 

1. Cagliari and Southern Sardinia.

Étretat is a small village in the center of the rugged coastline of France. The limestone cliffs can be seen on both sides of town with the highest height of over 54 meters.

2.  Nuraghe Su Nuraxi.

You can find numerous of these volcanic towers all over Sardinia. It is closest to Cagliari and has twenty minute tour service. You should look at only one representative from the UN framework. The inner and outer buildings are thought to have been constructed about 1,500 to 2,000 years ago. You should climb a tower to a higher level so that you might be able to see the dome made of dry stone and without mortar.

3. Costa Smeralda.

In this magnificent coastline there are wonderful beach resorts and breathtaking beaches. All the allusion and relation is in Porto Cervo. This is a modern art museum. The most modest escape from the region would be convincing little Cannigione, at the seashore of the Gulf of Arzachena.

4. Alghero

In this city, English must be held in high regard by you. And you can still find Spanish as a secondary language. Towards the end of the 1300s, a 14th-century Pope gave Sardinia to the King of Aragon in order to boost the forces of the Empire. There is an old church doorway in the Gothic era. Another popular sport in the evening is scaling the walls for seafaring safety.

5. Nuraghe Losa

Maybe, you should not continue touring nuraghes after already being fascinated with these mysterious structures. For travelers, it is acknowledged to be one of the top three destinations. This would not have any lighting because of recessed lighting. This is a very complicated, large building with three towers at the corners; when inside you can discover a maze of stone and wood corridors.

6. Arzachena Prehistoric Sites

The Stone and Copper Ages attractions are a short distance from the Costa Smeralda resorts but they seem to be so different than the other world attractions. Of the six above sites, four will be notable. This region is renowned for impressive tufa stacks. In Arzachena, there's a mansion owned by Mr. Pilastru. Savor the great foods at the great restaurant.

7. Nuoro and the Gennargentu

The streets of Nuoro are extremely narrow and have spectacular views from either direction. Santa Maria della Neve parish church sits on a steep cliff into the middle of the town and the small square in front of the church is the only level place in town.

8. Valley of Nuraghi

In the latter parts of the 16th century BC, three major cities were founded. Travelers and locals in St. Paul's will enjoy this experience.

9. Tharros

What if you were getting a tour of different Mediterranean regions? The remains of the old circus and amphitheater can still be seen by the sea.

10. Bosa.

Bosa overlooks the mouth of Sardinia's only navigable river, the Sassari, in a lush valley in Sardinia, Italy. If you want to enjoy the ambiance of the Old Town of Lugo, you can park the car in the town square and proceed on foot to the Lugo Palace Museum. Besides the palace, there is a chapel that features a beautiful fresco. will make traveling a lot easier. Our many years in the transportation industry allow us to provide the best services to visitors to Sardinia. Please visit our official website. Our new fleet of charter busses and taxis will make sure that you get your celebration at time and place of your choosing. Coach Charter Germany offers pretty drivers and very polite workers. We will provide you with a quote for your journey.

Top 10 places in Sardinia | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Top 10 places in Sardinia | Coach Charter | Bus rental
We have worked with Irro Reisen for a number of years now and the cooperation has always been excellent. Their fleet of coaches is excellent and the drivers are very friendly and experienced. Should you ever require anything else, there is an excellent office support. Nothing is too much trouble and Irro Reisen go out of their way to ensure the customer is happy.

Family-run company

Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Sardinia | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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