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Visit the Top 10 sites in Zagreb with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 sites in Zagreb with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Coach Charter Germany welcomes you to Zagreb, the Republic of Croatia’s capitol city. It is home to around 1.25 million people, almost a quarter of the country’s residents. Zagreb has rich past dating back to 11th century when fist settlement was established in the Kaptol district of today’s Zagreb. This metropolis is situated by a geographical location bordered from the north by the Medvednica Mountain and from the south by the River Sava’s low Valley, which provides Zagreb beautiful landscapes, remarkable sights and varied prospects. The city’s strategic location made it a central junction for the road and rail connections that link the Mediterranean region with south-east and central European regions. That is why Zagreb is now the center of government, culture, logistics, economics, and services not only for Croatia, but the whole surrounding region. 

Coach Charter Germany is a bus company that has been flourishing in the coach charter business for over 4 decades. We provide a number of bus sizes and facilities with our fleet at our nearby bus depot. Airport shuttle will drive your group punctually from the airport, to your selected hotel. Tour bus with a driver will drive you to discover Zagreb tourist attractions. You can also hire a coach with a driver for a number of days' journey to other cities or to nearby states. When exploring the beautiful neighboring areas of Zagreb, Coach Charter Germany’s Rental Bus is the endorsed transportation to require. To learn more about the Tour bus services available, send us a request to Coach Charter Germany’s Incoming charter bus department please.

Coach Charter Germany can present our top 10 points to be part of your itinerary for Zagreb:

1. Museum of Broken Relationships

This cozy but pioneering and unique museum is essential to stop by when in Zagreb. This gallery exhibits donated artifacts from around the world with lovers telling their love and relation stories  that went bitter and ended up in fury, antipathy, and grief. The tales and revelations offer details of human sentiments and reactions by hummer and sad accounts that demand reflection. 

2. Funicular Railway

During 1888, in order to link the steep divide among upper and lower parts of Zagreb city, the funicular railway line was built. When sightseeing at the distinct, remarkable and delightful old town of Zagreb, it is best concluded with a drive on the historic funicular rail way. It carries you from the old town to the hectic city epicenter of Zagreb. 

3. Jelacic Square (Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica)

Jelacica square is the heart of historic and every day life in Zagreb. You can explore the architecture here from diverse eras and styles, general public, and tours. The square during day time is for photographs, shopping, outings, and local cuisine. The square during evening time is to see the striking illuminations, food, and amusement. 

4. Dolac Market

Around 90 years ago, Zagreb city authority set up a 2 floor open market struck between upper and lower levels of Zagreb city. This bazaar is called the Dolac market, which is a produce market on the upper level and dairy farm products on the lower level, and very popular with locals and tourists. No other place in Zagreb can offer better freshness and competitive prices like in Dolac. 

5. Maksimir Park

The Maksimir Park was opened to public as the first in the region in 1794. Maksimir Park has English garden style presenting actual forestry, green turfs, fishponds, and footpaths. There are places of interest like the Bellevue Pavilion and the Echo Pavilion. 

6. Museum Mimara

In honor of the celebrated art collector Ante Topic Mimara, a museum was set to house his special collection of treasures named Museum Mimara. The museum building is of three floors, but the special paintings section and the ancient glass treasures on the 3rd floor are of high degree of uniqueness and a must to explore. 

7. Croatian National Theater in Zagreb

HNK (Narodono Hrvatsko kazalište) is the local name for the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb. This theater is housed in a very nice building, offering many shows all year round. The two famous Austrian architects Mr. F. Fellner and Mr. H. Helmer designed this theater, and it was open in 1895. 

8. Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

This museum is accommodated in a former palace situated across from the Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square. There are three floors in the Archaeological museum building. You can find Brief or seasonal expositions on the first floor. You can find the classic collections on the second floor. You can explore the spectacular Egyptian collection on the third floor. 

9. Museum of Illusion

The museum of Illusions is a distinctive establishment presenting exciting escapades for the senses of the human body. On display are more than 70 exciting obscurities, puzzles, educational exercises for all ages. 

10. Museum of Contemporary Art

Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art is a wonderful institution to explore. On display are art works from local and international artist. The institutions is very active with many special shows around the year like artistic films, theatrical plays, musical events and many exclusive performances. 

We hope these tips can excite your group to plan their Zagreb tour.  We can assure you that exploring Zagreb will open your minds for new experiences in a special part of the world. 

Coach Charter Germany provides care at every phase on your bus journey. Coach Charter Germany’s Rental Bus offers its 48 years’ experience in the coach hire industry to groups to ensure great journeys. Bus Company values your application for any coach service needed for your upcoming tours whether it is airport shuttles, daily tour bus services, or few days’ expedition by Chartered bus. Bus company’s modern buses come with many different sizes that can offer customized proposal to your group’s travel needs. Coach Charter Germany provides qualified drivers, and considerate booking team. Coach Charter Germany is prepared to receive your travel coach needs to propose the best quote.

Top 10 places in Zagreb | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Aaron Flanzraich, Senior Rabbi, Beth Sholom Synagogue, Toronto, Canada
Top 10 places in Zagreb | Coach Charter | Bus rental
I had the honour of leading a Synagogue tour covering three cities in Germany: Munich, Dachau and Berlin. This required seamless coverage for our transportation needs. From the initial contact with Irro Reisen and in particular Karsten the communication was courteous, professional and responsive. Upon landing in Germany to our departure a week later the drivers were accomodating, the buses were clean and modern, and the bus service became something we didn’t need to worry about. Which perhaps is the very best compliment one can provide!

Family-run company

Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Zagreb | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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