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Visit the Top 10 places in Assisi with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Assisi with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Assisi is a municipality situated in the province of Perugia, in Umbria, central Italy. It is widely known in the boot-shaped peninsula as the city where St. Francis lived and prayed, and Assisi still bears witness to the legendary lifestyle of the saint. For this reason, it is generally considered a spiritual destination, but any tourist with a passion for art, culture and natural scenery is sure to be mesmerized by its beauty! When you intend to visit Assisi with a party, Coach Charter Germany is your bus company partner. 

As a bus operator with more than 40 years of experience, Coach Charter Germany is your experienced and flexible charter partner when it comes to planning your ride. We have a huge fleet of new tour busses of different sizes and facilities. You can take advantage of our services and book an airport shuttle or charter bus for your sightseeing tours or a high-quality VIP tour bus for your business trip. Our Coach Charter Germany Charter Bus Team is always at your disposal and is pleased to provide you with a personalized rental bus service. Only let us know and ask for your personal coach charter service from Germany. 

If you're wondering which places you can visit in Assisi, here are some tips from the bottom of the list. Keep in mind that our Coach Charter Germany Airport Shuttle and Tour Bus Coaches are the perfect way to get around the city quickly and comfortably. 

1. San Francesco Basilica 

It may be one of the most famous basilicas in Italy and a must-see for any tourist with a passion for religion or art. The Basilica of St. Francis is very large, so there is a path that is usually suggested: from the lower square along the lower church, then to the tomb of St. Francis, then to the cloister of the Sixth IV and the upper church, and finally to the upper square where visitors can see the beautiful skyline of Assisi. The churches are full of marvelous art in a variety of fashions, including Giotto's frescoes – a must! 

2. The Tempio of Minerva

Situated on one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, as well as the focal point of Assisi 's politics and nightlife, Piazza del Comune, Tempio di Minerva is a temple dating back to ancient Rome that was later converted to serve the Christian faith; now it is the Church of St Mary above Minerva. The entire façade, including the six Corinthian columns, is original, which means that it lasted more than 2,000 years! This temple bears witness to the Roman civilization that gained Assisi in 295 BC and later became a Roman municipality. 

3. Basilica of Santa Chiara

Stretched on two sides by flying arches, the Basilica of St. Clare is decorated with pink and white stripes of stone from the nearby Mount Subasio. With a single nave and two small chapels, the building of the church is plain, with a bell tower rising behind it. It bears the name of St. Clare, the other saint who lived in Assisi and helped make this city famous both in Italy and abroad. 

4. Rocca Maggiore

With Rocca Maggiore 's stories dating back to 1174, this place is one of the best places outside of central Assisi where tourists can enjoy a beautiful view of the city while visiting another historic building. Located on the top of the hill above Assisi, Rocca Maggiore allows all its visitors to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the Umbrian valleys below, reaching all the way from Perugia to Spoleto. There are permanent exhibits inside the medieval building that demonstrate what life was like in the Dark Ages. 

5. Palazzo del Capitán del Popolo

Dating back to the second half of the 13th century, this palace used to be the center of local politics and the residence of the so-called People's Captain. It was remodeled in very twentieth-century fashion in 1926 and the ground floor was adorned with paintings portraying the medieval career of Adalberto Migliorati. It also has a 47-metre-high tower that used to house the family of Captain and now stands as another example of the medieval norm of Assisi. 

6. The Cathedral of San Rufino

The Cathedral of St. Rufin is dedicated to the patron saint of the city and is also the Duomo of Assisi. Located in the north of the town of Umbria, it rises to the top of the site that used to be the Roman town hall of Assisi, the ancient Roman equivalent of what is now called Assisi. The façade is both a masterpiece and an epitome of Umbrian Romanesque architecture, and its tripartite structure anticipates the three naves from which the interior space divides – a truly magnificent creation to be seen! 

7. Eremo delle Carceri's 

Located at 800 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Subasio, Eremo delle Carceri is another important part of the life of St Francis. In fact, that is where the saint used to retire in order to devote himself to contemplation. Located only five kilometers from Assisi itself, it is surrounded by a thick vegetation that enhances the spiritual quality of the region. The name contains the Italian for "hell" as its dungeons first housed the hermits and then St. Francis and his companions who lived an austere life in solitude. 

8. The Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli 

This is the place where Saint Francis spent some time in his life listening to the Word of God and founded the Order of Friars Minor in 1209. St Francis restored the decrepit church that once stood here and gave it to the Benedictines to make it the center of his newly formed brotherhood. Today it is one of the most famous basilicas in Italy and must be visited in central Assisi! 

9. Via San Francisco 

Any tourist who happens to be in Assisi can not forget the street that takes its name from St. Francis, the most famous saint of the region. Starting from the Basilica of St. Francis, Via San Francesco will take you through the meanders of its fascinating history. There is, for example, Palazzo Giacobetti, a noble palace dating back to the 17th century and containing some interesting books, such as the Bible of St Louis of Toulouse, with beautifully designed miniatures, and St Francis' own Laudes Creaturarum, the first example of Italian literature. 

10.  Forum Romano 

This ancient Roman forum is presented as a subterranean counterpart of the modern medieval square in Assisi. In ancient times, the forum was the fulcrum of any kind of action, be it economic, political or religious. 

Your Coach Charter German tour bus driver will pick you up from Assisi Airport or any other place in and around Assisi to get you to your destination. Our airport shuttle will take about 15 minutes to get to the center of Assisi. Hiring a private bus with a driver and an airport shuttle is the best choice for community travel. If you're planning to visit Assisi, hiring your own coach and driver is a soothing, convenient, versatile and comfortable way to ride. If you need to fit a big group or only a small family group, as a charter bus rental company with more than 40 years of experience, we have a tour bus fleet, drivers and expertise to make your trip to Assisi a success. If you need more details or would like to receive a bid, please contact our Coach Charter Germany team.

Top 10 places in Assisi | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Top 10 places in Assisi | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Irro Reisen is a great company to work with, their operations staff are very helpful and provided excellent customer service. Their drivers provided efficient services for our clients and experienced no problems. We have used Irro coaches on multiple occasions for our group tours and will continue to work with them in the future!

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Top 10 places in Assisi | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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