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Visit the Top 10 places in Bratislava with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Bratislava with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
When you arrive at Bratislava airport then the airport shuttle from Coach Charter Europe will be your expert companion to lead you on your dream trip to Bratislava. Bus Company would be pleased to introduce your party to Slovakia's capital, which will be loved by your team at first sight. This capital shines out beauty, tradition and rich past. Chartered bus will drive you to historic sites and museums to discover the history of how, before 1919, Bratislava was originally known as Pressburg, and was part of the Empire of Hungary for more than ten centuries. Tour bus will present you the magnificent artifacts including the 16th century Hungarian crown jewels that were kept in a fortress. May even show you the city cathedral where eleven Hungarian kings and queens were crowned. Coach Charter Europe's Bus Rental is really your reliable service to guarantee excellent Bratislava holidays.

If you want to drive as a team, then the solution is Bus Rental Company. Chartered bus from Coach Charter Germany is the perfect choice to ride to Bratislava. Tour bus service will help you discover and appreciate your holidays in Bratislava. Coach Charter Germany's Bus Company kindly requests company leaders to let everyone know about any of the expected activities early on and arrangements are coordinated before the journey to Bratislava. Our airport shuttle takes charge of the transition from airport to hotel and back to your bus.

Do you need tips where to visit in Bratislava? Kindly find below our top 10 places to sightsee in Bratislava

1. Bratislava Castle

Bus rental will transfer you to the Castle of Bratislava built on a strategic hill, where the castle commands the best viewpoints of the Old Town. From its increased 47 meter crown tower, where the royal coronation insignia have also been, you will find great views not only of the city of Bratislava, but also of the neighboring countries on a clear sky day.

2. Slavín War Memorial

It is deemed the biggest military monument in Central Europe, as one of the city's main structures owing to its location at a height of 52 meters. Normally locals and tourists make their way to the terrace here to enjoy the best sightseeing of the Bratislava skyline. Slavín War Memorial is a 15-minute trip from the center of town. Through our bus service you will hire a coach with driver to drive there.

3. St Elizabeth’s Church (Blue Church)

St. Elisabeth's Church, built in the early 20th-century Art Nouveau style, is characterized by its blue color. The result is an odd fairytale that seems like a mask, with an interior that appears more like a ballroom than a church. The church resides 3 kilometers outside the center of town. To experience a fun trip around Bratislava hire our tour bus.

4. Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall features both a beautiful internal and external design. The City's Museum of History currently occupies much of the estate. The City of Bratislava Museum is regarded as Slovakia's oldest museum from 1868. Airport shuttle means you'll find stunning panoramic views of the old town after ascending the steep staircase that leads to the 45-meter high tower of the hotel.

5. Michael’s Gate

Chartered bus suggests visiting the only remaining reinforced city gate since the fourteenth century. You need to be aware that you'll enter the pedestrian section of the Old Town as you walk through St. Michael's Entrance. You can ascend the tower and see the museum of weaponry and the fortresses of the region.

6. Cumil

You can take a Photograph with little Cumil. Bratislava has a few humorous sculptures in which you can find ideal for picture options, but Cumil is by far the most famous. Tour bus recommends that you watch your steps as you walk through the Old Town, because Cumil isn't very tall and to avoid tripping. Rental bus will drive you there. 

7. Grassalkovich Palace

This is the formal palace of the Slovak President, and it is a beautiful Rococo Palace from the 1760s, situated just north of the Old Town on Hodžovo Street. The palace is not accessible to the public, as it is the government residence of the President; nevertheless, the bus service reports that you may stop in front of the current fountain for a photo opportunity.

8. Synagogue of Bratislava

During the time period 1923-1926, and according to the designs of the architect Artur Szalatnai-Slatinský this synagogue was built in cubist architecture. The permanent display of the Jewish Cultural Museum is housed in the upper floor and is open to the general public throughout the summer season only. Rent a bus with driver from bus Rental Company to travel to the historic synagogue from the city center.

9. Zoo of Bratislava

Any tourists with children to Bratislava may just need to explore the Bratislava Zoo, where all sorts of animals such as giraffes, hippos, red pandas, leopards, primates, chimpanzees and crocodiles are displayed. There is also a Dinopark, featuring life-size dinosaur sets. Rent a coach with a driver by chartered bus and enjoy your easy journey to this beautiful world of animals.

10. Transport Museum

Whether you're automotive lovers or just spectators you'll love the full the range of the Bratislava Transport Museum exhibition. More than 100 vehicles from the interwar era to the 1970s, and a few retro motorcycle styles that you'll look like you're at an classic auto exhibition, will be a big treat.
How to travel to Bratislava? 

You should make the party take a flight to M.R. n Stefanik Bratislava International Airport. Which is served by airport shuttle bus and just half hour drive to the city center. Coach charter Europe will collect you from M.R. along with your party from  International airport Stefanik Bratislava, or some other place in and around the town. Depending on the traffic conditions , it is around 30-minute drive from town. It will take only a few minutes with our bus service to reach within the city and start enjoying your holidays in Bratislava. We are the tour bus that offers you the choices so you and your friends will build your unique trip. You may also pick Vienna International Airport, and our chartered bus will transfer your party to Bratislava city center. Our bus rental service in Bratislava will be the smart companion to have when taking airport transfers.
Provide us your inquiry now and we will test rates and availability to propose you the best price for your Bratislava trip.
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Top 10 places in Bratislava | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Top 10 places in Bratislava | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Bratislava | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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