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Visit the Top 10 places in Cagliari with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Cagliari with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Bus Rental by Coach Charter Germany will be happy to give your party much more to explore in Cagliari than you might have expected. Chartered bus will drive you to the capital, Cagliari, which has perfect weather to enjoy most times in the year. This city is one of the best opportunities in Sardinia to discover many aspects of the history, culture and spirit of the island. Tour bus will show you nice surprises such as impressive archeological discoveries at the Cagliari harbors. Coach Charter Germany’s Bus Company is your constant service to make your holidays in Cagliari wonderful.

Would you like to travel in a group?  Bus rental service is the needed solution! Coach Charter Germany’s Chartered bus is best choice to travel in Cagliari. Tour bus service will support you to discover new ideas and enjoy your holidays in Cagliari. Coach Charter Germany’s Bus Company reminds tour managers to notify he group about the expected activities, so arrangements are made prior to arrival in Cagliari. Airport Shuttle will take care of the transition from airport to hotel and back for your party.

If you need introduction about where to start in Cagliari, please find our top 10 spots to see in Cagliari: 

1. The Marina

Cagliari is located on Sardinia's southern shoreline, and considered a strategic port. There you can find a great marina area full of shops, restaurants and near sea rolling walks. 

2. Bastione San Remy

This huge and sumptuous building is situated in the center of Cagliari's heritage town center, and is one of the region's most prominent landmarks. Chartered Bus advices stropping by this bastion as one of the first points you can start with in Cagliari to see a slice of their rich past and enjoy great city scape views. 

3. Il Castello

When you're seeking an authentic native experience of this city, Tour Bus can recommend exploring Cagliari's Il Castello neighborhood. This lovely and trendy neighborhood is full with colorful houses and tapered streets. Kindly remind group to have comfortable walking shoes for this trip.

4. Roman Amphitheatre

Cagliari is fortunate with various Roman era ruins thanks to its past, and the finest preserved today is the Roman Amphitheatre. Airport shuttle suggest attending some Gladiatorial competitions and some other theatrical shows. 

5. Torre dell’Elefante

Cagliari is known to have numerous remarkable structures and the Elephant Tower is one of the celebrated ones. Chartered bus applauds exploring this site that originated around 1307. 

6. Mercato di San Benedetto

Tour bus confirms that local markets offer the opportunity to observe how the daily life is for the locals, and find some great shopping bargains on the way. The market in San Benedetto is considered the biggest and full of activity in Cagliari, with a chance to mingle with locals.

7. Calamosca Beach

Calamosca's tiny municipality is located on the southern point of Cagliari, just around from the main harbor area.There you can find a small but stunning and quiet beach that is the perfect place to unwind and have great beach time. Bus Company by Coach Charter Germany suggests that you hire a bus with a driver to find and enjoy a great time with nature. 

8. Palazzo Regio

Bus rental can recommend another wonderful construction situated at the centre of the old town of the Il Castello. The Palazzo Regio was the royal palace that was the official royal house of the governors of Sardinia for hundreds of years.  

9. Santuario di Bonaria

Chartered bus can propose a stop at the beautiful basilica, with the 14th Century Shrine devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In front of the house your can explore a charmingly ornamented stone patio with mosaic patterned tiles.

10. Piazza del Carmine

This large public square founded in the nineteenth Century is a around a hectare in size. Tour bus recommends a trip to The Piazza del Carmine for some meeting, shopping, socializing, or dining. 

Coach Charter Germany’s airport shuttle offers to cover your entire group’s transportation during your journey in Cagliari. 
Cagliari is continuously getting more connected to Europe and further. Direct flights are arriving from more than 80 cities currently. Coach Charter Germany’s airport shuttle will pick you and your friends from Cagliari airport, or from any other location in and around Cagliari. It will take only short time to reach the city with our airport shuttle to start enjoying your holidays in Cagliari. We are the bus shuttle that gives you the option to be able to build your individual group tour itinerary. Our airport shuttle service will be the wise partner to have in Cagliari when taking airport transfers.
Send us your request now and we will check costs and availability to propose you the best price for your trip to Cagliari.

Top 10 places in Cagliari | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Nicole Gibbons, Tour Manager Sights and Soul Travels, LLC
Top 10 places in Cagliari | Coach Charter | Bus rental
We have worked with Irro Reisen for many years now, using both their transportation and guiding services throughout Europe. They have many sizes of bus to choose from and they are all comfortable. The drivers are always on time, polite, friendly and know exactly where they are going. The guides are very knowledgeable as well. A truly great and high quality company!

Family-run company

Family-run Company

50 years of experience

50 years of experience

+600.000 Passengers per Year

+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Cagliari | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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