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Visit the Top 10 places in Catania with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Catania with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Bus Company by Coach Charter Germany invites you to Catania which is Sicily's biggest city after Palermo, and is located at the east coast of this southern Italian island. Tour bus assures your group that this is the perfect destination for a holiday, considering the traditional importance, the position, its scenery, and the charming observations of previous and current times. There are numerous options for tourists to see that it might be mystifying to spend few days in this striking city, However bus rental will be there to help make your trip a smooth enjoyable journey. 

If you decide to travel with a big group, then Bus rental service is the solution! Coach Charter Germany’s Chartered bus is the top companion to travel around Catania. Tour bus service will be there for you while you explore Catania and enjoy your holidays. Coach Charter Germany’s Bus Company asks tour leaders to notify us of their planned events, so preparations are arranged before they arrive to Catania. Airport Shuttle will drive your group transfers from airport to hotel and back. 

If you need some ideas where to stop by in Catania, please find our top 10 tips to see in Catania: 

1. Basilica Cattedrale Sant’Agata

It is a fact that Catania’s Cathedral is an incredible building, and a stunning success of Norman and Baroque architecture. Bus rental can take you there to discover the many gorgeous interior features, such as the frescoes at the main altar, the ornamental artwork and sculptures, and the burial chamber of Bellini the prominent music composer.

2. San Giovanni li Cuti

Our Bus Company propositions you to spend time at Catania's most famous beach. The presence of black rocks as a result of volcanic activity makes San Giovanni li Cuti the most distinctive natural beach in the region.

3. Mount Etna

Catania is located practically at the bottom of the massive Mount Etna, and this active stratovolcano is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sicily. Tour bus will show you how Mount Etna’s 3329 m height make impressive views. 

4. Ursino Castle

Chartered bus would be your reliable assistant to explore the Castle of Ursino, a ruin from the 13th century founded by Emperor Frederick II as part of the Kingdom of Sicily. This castle endured a seismic activity in 1693 and before that a volcanic explosion in 1669, when the lava flood from Mount Etna came so close that it filled the moat.

5. Monastero dei Benedettini

This complex of Benedictine Monastery is situated in the middle of Catania, and is one of the largest and most significant examples of this type in Europe. Chartered bus is the perfect companion to take you to enjoy the façade with molded window adornments and walk through the cloisters to see the beautiful arches and fountains.

6. Fish Market

The fish market is situated in the heart of town, just nearby Piazza Duomo, but one can not miss the fish market of Catania. The sea is a leading part of the environment of the second-largest city in Sicily. Tour bus invites you to walk through this area and enjoy all it can offer. 

7. Catania Museo Civico

Catania’s Civic Museum is found within Castle Ursino, and considered a major source of objects and relics documenting the history of the city and its surrounds. The records show that this museum’s collection is from Biscari Museum originally. Bus Company would driver you there. 

8. Roman Theatre

Excavations in the first half of the 20th century carried this treasure out to be cherished only partly, as it was established in the 2nd century A.D. It was completed by lava stones, bricks and lava marbles, and still keeps the signature oval shape of Roman Theatres. Chartered bus will be pleased to take you explore the theater seats and other parts that are actually made from lava parts from Mount Etna. You will be surprised how the structure remains in excellent shape.

9. Porta Garibaldi

Porta Garibaldi is considered one of the impressive constructions in Catania; this colossal entrance was erected in 1768 and devoted to King Ferdinand IV and Maria Carolina, his wife. Bus Rental can take you there for a wonderful photo opportunity. 

10. Aci Castello

The village of Aci Castello and be reached after driving around 10 miles north from Catania city along the coastal road. This village was built during the Norman invasions of Sicily and it was placed around the strategic rock castle. Coach Charter Germany will be your reliable option to explore there. 

Coach Charter Germany’s airport shuttle will pick you and your party from Catania Airport or any other place around the island.  It will take only a few minutes to arrive to the city with our airport shuttle and can start enjoying your holidays in Catania. We are the airport shuttle that gives you options as you work with your party to build your individual tour. Our chartered bus will be the wise partner when transfers take place in Catania. 
Look for ward to your inquiry and we will test prices and availability to offer the best price for your Catania trip.

Top 10 places in Catania | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Nicole Gibbons, Tour Manager Sights and Soul Travels, LLC
Top 10 places in Catania | Coach Charter | Bus rental
We have worked with Irro Reisen for many years now, using both their transportation and guiding services throughout Europe. They have many sizes of bus to choose from and they are all comfortable. The drivers are always on time, polite, friendly and know exactly where they are going. The guides are very knowledgeable as well. A truly great and high quality company!

Family-run company

Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Catania | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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