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Visit the Top 10 places in Ghent with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Ghent with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Locals and tourists enjoy Ghent too. There is great art, great food and it's one of the country's best kept secrets. Compared to other European cities, Ghent still feels fairly small and is not crowded by tourists and sightseers, despite being a perfect place to take a break. Over the centuries, the ancient city of Ghent has built up a series of attractions, from cozy medieval quarters to contemporary architectural masterpieces. The bus company will be pleased to show you the ideal mix of industry and medieval architecture in Ghent.

The next move is to pick your lodging in Ghent Belgium. Ghent is a fairly small town, and Brussels Grand Place is just 40 minutes away, so tourists can go on a day trip from the capital to Ghent and nearby Bruges. However, this medieval city of Flanders has plenty to sell to the intrepid tourist who wants more than a day trip to Ghent. It is one of the best places to live in Belgium, as you can easily reach other towns by hire bus for day trips.
When you plan on visiting Ghent with a group Coach Charter Germany is your bus company partner. We are a family- bus company with over 40 years experience traveling by coach. Trust us, because we are the group and Bus travel experts. Through our airport shuttle, we can provide transfers from airport to hotel and can provide daytrips through our tour bus.

If you need some ideas where to stop by in Ghent, please find our top 10 tips to see in Ghent: 

1. MSK

The MSK art gallery is located inside what looks like an ancient Greek temple. However, the artwork will soon remind you that you are in fact still in Belgium because of the vast number of works by Belgian and Low Counties artists. Tour bus must admit that the permanent collections are continuously sponsored by a variety of impressive temporary exhibits.

2. Patershol

Patershol is a well-hidden host of many great restaurants, the former leather traders 'site in Ghent. The winding cobbled streets and houses have not changed much from this time on, and are a perfect way to see what Ghent was like years ago. Tour bus suggests visiting cozy restaurants, galleries and an old school candy shop.

3. Castle of Counts

This fortification of the 12th century in the center of the old town was designed by Count Filips of the Elzas as a show of strength to combat the great houses being constructed by the rich patricians of Ghent. A visit to the chambers of torture in the cellars further strengthens a somber atmosphere within.

4. Sint-Pietersabdij Abbey

One of Belgium's largest abbeys, the St Pietersabdij, has long been Ghent's center and the city has begun to spread from the abbey outwards. The chartered bus suggests exploration of the orchards and gardens, which is a perfect place to be on a summer day.

5. St Baafskathedraal

One of the largest abbeys in Belgium, the St Pietersabdij, has long been the nucleus of Ghent, and the city has started to expand outward from the abbey. Our chartered bus recommends visiting the orchards and gardens, suitable for a summer day.

6. Huis van Alijn

Bus rental has to say that you can watch some home movies there. This house had been once a children's hospice. This has since been restored and is a beautiful museum that displays what life was like in town from the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. There are also old wedding pictures and family videos that tend to be unexpectedly emotional.

7. City Pavilion

The City Pavilion by Robbrecht en Daem and Marie-José Van Hee is a wonderful example of a successfully integrated modern building within a traditional setting. Although the timber market hall on concrete feet is almost enormous, the view of Ghent's Belfry and some of the old buildings around it does not seem disruptive.

8. Shop at the Vrijdagmarkt

This square, which gets its name from the weekly market that still occurs every Friday, was once  the location for public executions and important city meetings in the area. The bus rental service suggests you can take a seat in one of the cafes and admire the statue of the famous Ghent leader.

9. Enjoy some Ghent Cuisine

As with all the big Belgian cities, Ghent's food is rich and tasty. Our chartered bus must admit that there is something really for everyone and food lovers should feel like at home. If you have a sweet tooth, Belgium is also a great place for chocolate and Ghent is probably one of the best places where to enjoy it. Be sure to try pralines before you leave town.

10. Stadhuis

The old town hall of the Belgian city of Ghent ("Stadhuis") is a building complex of around five centuries in the city center. The construction of the town hall lasted from 1518 to the 19th century, due to war and financial problems, the construction was interrupted several times for longer periods. The magnificent building primarily shows a mix of styles from the Gothic and Renaissance periods. Since its inauguration, the town hall has also been the city's political center.Our bus company is best partner to explore this famous wedding spot.

Coach charter Germany airport shuttle will pick you and your group from Brussels Airport or any other place in and around the area. With our airport shuttle it will take about 1 hour drive to get inside the city of Ghent with our airport shuttle and start enjoying your Ghent holidays. Our airport shuttle will also pick you up at one of the two train stations. We are the airport shuttle that gives you versatility when you are able to build your individual group tour. Our airport shuttle service will be the wise partner to have when taking transfers from Ghent airport. You can trust our bus company and our 40 years of experience really.

Top 10 places in Ghent | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Chris Chan, VP of Operations, Rangate
Top 10 places in Ghent | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Since 2014, we have been utilizing Irro Reisen’s exceptional bus service. We are a group of woodworking professionals in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico touring European factories. The office is helpful in the planning stages. Our bus driver, Ian, has always provided us the utmost safe and professional service. The bus is also clean and very comfortable. We will see you again soon!

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Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Ghent | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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