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Visit the Top 10 places in Koblenz with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Koblenz with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Bus Company will be pleased to show your team Koblenz, a very old German town with a 2,000-year-old history. Chartered bus needs to admit it's also considered one of Germany's most beautiful cities. Our tour bus will show you the beautiful city where the two mighty rivers, the Rhine and the Moselle, cross. Coach Charter Germany’s bus rental is your sincere support to ensure fantastic holidays in Koblenz.

You will travel with group? Koblenz bus rental service is the solution! Coach Charter Germany chartered bus is best chance to travel in Koblenz. Tour bus service will help you discover Koblenz and experience your holidays. Coach Charter Germany bus company is good enough to let you know about some of the arrangements, so preparations are planned before the trip to Koblenz. Airport Shuttle will assist your group transferring from airport to hotel and back. 

Do you need ideas where to go in Koblenz? Find here top 10 places to go in Koblenz: 

1. Deutsches Eck

Our bus rental service will take you to Deutsches Eck (German Corner), a bow-shaped platform that marks the confluence point of the Moselle River and Rhine River. This place provides fantastic views of the water, bridges, cruise ships and the surrounding area and a stunning backdrop for your holiday pictures.

2. Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

A stronghold has defended the high spur 118 meters above the right bank of the Rhine since the 11th century. Our bus company would be the perfect partner to visit Europe's second-largest fortress.

3. Lahneck Castle

Thirteenth-century Lahneck Castle, about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) south of Koblenz, is worth a stop for castle fans. To experience this romantic medieval fortress use our tour bus. Tour bus is the perfect companion to fly through its many rooms and courtyards.

4. Schängelbrunnen

In 1940, sculptor Carl Burger created the Schängelbrunnen, depicting a child spraying water at random bursts into the sea, and it has a very complicated meaning to explain. Airport shuttle with enjoyment tell the inspiration came from the town's anthem, the Schängellied, published in 1914. It's about the city boys 'mischievous exploits, called Schängel

5. Cable car

Our chartered bus suggests a visit to the Koblenz Seilbahn (cable car) which is a great way to enjoy the spectacular view over the rivers Rhine and Moselle. This state-of - the-art cable car is 890 meters long and at 112 meters (367 feet) above sea level crosses the river.

6. Basilica of St. Castor

The pointy Romanesque towers of Koblenz's oldest church are in touching distance from the Deutsches Eck. Rent a coach with the driver and enjoy exploring this beautiful 12th century architecture.

7. River cruise

Koblenz is an unbeatable location to embark on scenic river cruises along the Rhine and the Moselle. If you want to enjoy romantic vineyards or have a chance to get off at any stop to explore picturesque cities, the bus company is the best way to enjoy them. 

8. Rhine Castles

Between Koblenz and the town of Bingen there are over 20 castles on the river, with tour bus to the south it will take less than an hour to travel. A classic hiking trail is set high on the valley walls, winding through the vineyards and offering spectacular views of the Rhine at every step.

9. Electoral Palace

This magnificent Neoclassical Palace was designed on the left bank of the Rhine by Prince Clemens Wenceslaus of Saxony from 1777 to 1793. Our chartered bus team guarantees you can watch the river from the terraced gardens in front of you and see Father Rhine and Mother Moselle's monument.

10. DB Museum Koblenz

A Nuremberg Deutsche Bahn Museum branch, the attraction opened in a 100-year-old wagon repair shop in 2001. Chartered bus will admit that train enthusiasts would find nostalgic walks through the days of steam locomotives and wagons, and more recent vehicles.

Where to overnight in Koblenz? Coach coach Germany Bus Rental estimates that there are 4,000 beds located across all types of approved hotels, villas, apartments, inns and bed and breakfast accommodation. You'll find easily a place that suits your taste, lifestyle and, of course, budget. Wherever you are staying Coach charter Germany’s airport shuttle will take your group and assist your group during your travel period in Koblenz. 
How to get to Koblenz? 
There are many ways how to reach Koblenz. Your group can use plain due to the fact Koblenz is placed of three major German airports: Frankfurt, Frankfurt – Hahn and Cologne. Airport shuttle can take your party from each of them. Our bus company will take your team at train station as well. We are the tour bus that offers you versatility because you are able to build your individual group ride. The wise partner to have when taking airport transfers in Koblenz will be our bus rental service.
Send us your inquiry now and we'll test prices and availability to give you the best price for your Koblenz journey.

Top 10 places in Koblenz | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Lara Travel (Pty) ltd.( Seekers Franchise)
Top 10 places in Koblenz | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Lara Travel has been utilising the services of Irro-Reisen for several year in various different countries. It’s their quality of customer service, high standards of buses and expert drivers that have made Lara Travel a returning customer. Lara Travel thanks the team at Irro-Reisen for being understanding, supportive and most of all accommodating to our clients various needs.

Family-run company

Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Koblenz | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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