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Visit the Top 10 places in Marseille with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Marseille with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Marseille, a port city in southern France, has been around since 600 BC. By Greek sailors an important center for immigration and trade. The heart of the city is the old port, Vieux-Port, where fishermen sell their catch directly at the jetty. The Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica is a Neo-Romanesque-Byzantine church. Modern landmarks include the trend-setting Cité Radieuse complex by Le Corbusier and the CMA CGM office tower by Zaha Hadid. To visitors, Marseille has a growing reputation as an excellent city-breaking destination that stands on its own two feet, rather than just a convenient gateway to Provence. With its relaxing atmosphere built by 300 days of sunshine, here's a long weekend of joy if you know how to do it properly. If you intend to visit Marseille with a party, Coach Charter Germany is your bus company partner.

As a bus operator with more than 40 years of experience, Coach Charter Germany is your qualified and flexible charter partner when it comes to planning your ride. We have a wide fleet of new tour busses with various sizes and amenities. You can take advantage of our services and book an airport shuttle or charter bus for your sightseeing tours or a high-quality VIP tour bus for your business trip. Our Coach Charter Germany's Charter Bus Team is always at your disposal and is pleased to provide you with a personalized rental bus service. Only let us know and ask for your personal coach charter service in Germany.

If you're curious what places you should visit in Marseilles, here are some suggestions from the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that our Coach Charter Germany's  airport shuttle and tour bus Coaches are the perfect way to travel around the city quickly and comfortably. 

1. Old Port

Marseille's large rectangular port has been trading for 2,600 years and is more of a city than a single sight. There are quays on three sides with wide promenades, largely surrounded by former warehouses of the 18th century. Almost every one of them seems to have a café, a fish restaurant or a bar on the ground floor with outdoor seating so that you can see life unfolding in this enchanting city as you nurse a pastis. Industry has migrated to new ports in the north for a long time, and most of the ships in the old harbour are made for you. 

2. Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde

This monument, which rises above the skyline south of the Old Harbor, is hard to miss. This is a 19th century neo-Byzantine cathedral, 150 meters above sea level, with a massive golden statue of the Virgin and Child at the top of its tower to watch over the maritime communities of Marseilles. Religious sanctuaries and watchtowers have been in La Garde for many years, and the basilica incorporates the lower levels of the Renaissance castle, which also had a chapel. Needless to mention, the scenery up there is jaw-dropping. A tour bus would be a good companion to visit one of Marseille's most prominent landmarks.

3. Calanques National Park

The southern and eastern suburbs of Marseille are brimming with an atmosphere of outstanding natural beauty. The Calanques are craggy white limestone cliffs and creeks that exceed the heights of the Garganto and descend rapidly to the sea. You can discover these natural wonders on land or by sea. If you're going to hike it, you're going to need an intrepid spirit, as the GR 98 from Marseille to Cassis takes about 11 hours and takes you to some daunting terrain. Of course, the scenery should make up for the effort. 

4. Travel through the biggest avenue in town, La Canebière

Near to the Vieux Port and Le Panier, La Canebière is one of the most popular parts of Marseilles. It is the biggest avenue in the city, and it represents the wealth that Marseille once possessed. The large, ornate buildings and elegant hotels that once stood on either side of the street have now mostly been turned into restaurants, shops or offices, but still retain some of their former grandeur. The road extends almost one kilometer from the Vieux Port and leads to the vibrant Capucin neighborhood, among others. The charter bus will drive you there.

5. Palais Longchamp

The majestic Palais Longchamp is home to the City Museum of Fine Arts, the oldest museum in Marseille. The museum houses an impressive collection of works by Italian and Provençal artists, and many of the paintings and works of art date from the 17th century to the present day. Apart from the breathtaking artwork, the palace also has a beautiful park that locals flock to when they want to enjoy the weather, as it is one of the few green areas in the center of town. Bus rentals at our bus company should make it easier for your party to get there.

6. Le Panier

Marseille's Old Town is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods to be found anywhere in France. It is easily accessible from the Old Port, as it is situated on a hillside in the vicinity. It was first inhabited in 600 BC, when the Greeks settled here, so it really is the oldest part of the region. The vibrant neighborhood is considered to be the most multicultural area of the city, making it a special place to spend a night or go for a stroll. 

7. MuCEM

Also known as the MuCEM, this is the best museum in town. It explores Mediterranean civilizations and history, and provides insight into how they evolved until they became what they are today. Including exhibits, there are also mini-films or seminars to help tourists better understand Mediterranean culture, and the museum occupies three buildings. Gods, herbs, itineraries and gardens are only a few of the different subjects explored in this eclectic museum. Tour Bus will take care of your team when you need  transport here.

8. Check the typical 'pastis' tipple

Although France is generally known for its elegant and sophisticated cuisine and drinking scene, Marseille is especially well known for its pastis – an anise-flavoured aperitif. Often known as the 'pastage' of Marseille locals, there are plenty of places around the city to taste this popular tipple. Usually, the aperitif is served with a jug of water, so drinkers can dilute the drink to make it as hot or weak as they want. For a wide selection, head to Pastis and Olives, where you can choose from 16 variations. Coach Charter Germany bus company will be good partner to  get you back to your hotel safely.

9. Château d’If

All who have read the Count of Montecristo, Alexandre Dumas, would certainly find the name of this island familiar. While some guides claim that the events actually took place, the fictional count was never actually imprisoned here, but this makes Château d'If no less fascinating: tourists will be able to learn more about the history of the 16th-century castle as a jail for real life political enemies of the state. There are boats that leave the Old Port every day. 

10. Cathédrale de la Major's

Of course, the Cathedral of Marseille is worth a visit, being one of the most important buildings in the city. Overlooking the sea, this location is ideal for viewing and photographing. Its imposing structure, consisting of several domed towers, with a height of 16 meters (52 ft), and the use of green and white limestone may remind some of the Duomo of Florence, but the interior has been decorated in a completely different style. Luckily, the cathedral is also free to visit. Chartered Bus by Coach Charter Germany will get you there early.

 Your Coach Charter Germany tour bus driver will pick you up from Marseille Airport (MRS) or any other place in and around Marseille to get you to your destination. Our airport shuttle will take about 30 minutes to get to the center of Marseille. Hiring a private bus with a driver and an airport shuttle is the perfect choice for community travel. We hope our charter bus company recommendations will inspire your Marseille trip. Marseille is a great place to spend days at. To receive a quotation for your Marseille trip, contact our Coach Charter Germany tour bus department. Our bus company will happily assist with all your requests. Trust our nearly 50-year charter bus and tour bus expertise and let us handle your transportation requirements. Just enjoy the trip and let our Coach Charter Germany's tour bus drivers and bus rental rental employees manage the rest.

Top 10 places in Marseille | Coach Charter | Bus rental
David McGuffin’s Exploring Europe, Inc.
Top 10 places in Marseille | Coach Charter | Bus rental
My company, David McGuffin’s Exploring Europe, has partnered with Coach Charter Germany and Irro Reisen on several occasions. In all cases, their services have been professional, safe, and friendly. Working with the Irro family has been a pleasure! The coaches are late-models, clean and well maintained. Irro Reisen drivers are professionals and have been friendly and helpful with our guests. An added bonus for my company is the all quotes and transactions are in US Dollars, which guarantees my pricing will not change with currency fluctuations.

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Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Marseille | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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