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Visit the Top 10 sites in Weimar with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 sites in Weimar with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Top 10 sites to explore in Weimar with Coach Charter Germany

Coach Charter Germany welcomes you to discover Weimar, a nice city in Thuringia state as part of the Federation of the German Republic. Weimar is designated a University City because of the following institutions:

- The Duchess Anna Amalia Library

- The Bauhaus University

- The Franz Liszt University of Music

Weimar enjoys great cultural status for its influential literature heritage. Weimar is actually considered by many historians as the birthplace of the cultural Awakening in Germany during 17th-19th centuries. For any research or significant studies of the German language and cultural heritage, Weimar is a major spot. In Weimar, under the patronage of enlightened royals, numerous scientific and literature achievements happened with the caring and encouragement of brilliant scholars such as Goethe, Bach, Schiller, Liszt, Cranach, Nietzsche, Herder, Gropius, Kandinsky and Feininger.

The monarchy was annulled in Germany after WWI, and Germany was declared a Republic by the National Assembly in Weimar in 1919. That event was the establishment of the Weimar Republic during the years 1919-1939. The German Reich’s constitution was conscripted in Weimar city. This period of German History was tainted with societal, economic and system turbulence that caused the rise of Nazism.

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Coach Charter Germany can present some suggestions for the top 10 points for your journey in Weimar:

1. Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek

Established in the midst of the 18th century, the Library of Duchess Anna Amalia is a great institution. This venue has been identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998 to preserve its significance for our civilization. The constant royal patronages as well as brilliant intellectuals’ presence, such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe were the pillars for establishing and fostering this important study center & library for the advancement of literature and arts in Weimar. The library’s Oval Rococo Section, which is three levels high, housing massive amount of great books and works of art, is a superb cultural center.

2. Bauhaus Museum Weimar

The prominent Bauhaus School of Art, Design and Architecture was established in 1919 in the city of Weimar. This museum was built to honor the new movement. The museum has numerous sections: the new Illustration of Humans, the New Life and What Survives, which set the foundation for the very common Bauhaus-style "methods" and making the theory simpler to comprehend.

3. Schloss Belvedere

In 1748 Duke Ernst August, on a forty-three hectare green park, built the Belvedere Summer Residence. The palace was designed in baroque style. You can see the magnificent work done in rendering the authentic furniture elegances today. The park area has a stunning ecosystem with large varieties of plants. Duke Ernst August and Mr. Goethe are believed to have piloted several plant development explorations in the Belvedere Park.   

4. Goethe National Museum

This historic garden & house had been donated to Goethe in Weimar by Duke Carl August, and is still preserved mostly as it was when he died in 1832. The museum is now considered Goethe’s finest work presentation. The poet and writer stayed and operated here for nearly 50 years, and the house was renovated and re-constructed to suit his work and life needs. The architecture and specimens of natural sciences from Goethe’s time are surprising; with the highlights of the tour are the antique furniture and the book archives.

5. Neues Museum

The New Weimar Museum was called the Grand Ducal Collection when it was built in 1869. The structure was designed by architect Josef Zítek from the neo-Renaissance school of design. There are great works of realism school, impressionism school and Art Nouveau school on show. These masterpieces represent both exciting and conflicting period of thoughts that actually correlates with our current times in several ways.

6. Tiefurt Castle and Park

When the Duchess Anna Amalia inherited this beautiful 1765 built castle, orders were given to redesign the interiors to become the gathering point for enhancing the fine literature scholars and enthusiasts culture. Some monuments where established in the 23 green hectares surrounding the castle like; the Herderstein, the Shrine of the Intellectuals, and the Tea Chamber to please and entertain participants.

7. Nietzsche Archiv

This House is where Friedrich Nietzsche, the renowned thinker, survived his last years despite illness. In those years his sister Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche looked after him. After his death she re-designed the house as a large museum to her brother, which she called the Nietzsche Archives. She commissioned the professional works to the Belgian artist Henry van de Velde. It is documented that the Belgian designer’s best work ever has been the architectural designs and furnishings of this museum.


Weimar Haus is an amazing museum. It's different from most other museums. The WEIMAR HAUS is an institution aiming to excite and entertain visitors to the unique history of the city of Weimar. In a special effects environment it stimulates a mental longing for light, feeling and the will to learn more about Weimar’s heritage. In brief, what awaits you here is to see, hear, smell, and feel Weimar’s history with your senses.

9. Thuriningian Museum of Pre- & Ancient History

For any tourist, this well designed museum is a nice surprise. Especially if you're curious about ancient times in Thuringia about 400,000 years ago, this is the venue for you. The way human beings and nature have evolved throughout the ages is clearly explained here. There are multi-media videos that illustrate how change has been made during the stone, iron, bronze and other ages as well as the artifacts.

10. Römisches Haus

The Roman House was built in a beautiful green park by the Ilm River. It was established in 1797 under Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s command, to build an Italian refuge for Duke Carl August. This event followed Goethe's visit to Italy, where he was so inspired by the experience, and carried these ideas back to Weimar as the architectural and theoretical reflection.

We believe our tips for your Weimar’s sightseeing would make your journey in Weimar very interesting. Weimar is an excellent destination for holidays, offering a variety of attractions that will fulfill most tastes.

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Top 10 places in Weimar | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Jillian Tincher | Travel Coordinator | Joshua Expeditions
Top 10 places in Weimar | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Top 10 places in Weimar | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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