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Visit the Top 10 places in Antwerp with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Antwerp with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Once you arrive at the airport in Antwerp, then our airport shuttle will be your helpful host who will take you to Antwerp city. Our Bus Company recommends the best activities to do in the second largest city in Belgium, and home to one of the leading ports in the world. Antwerp is definably a great choice for travelers. Our Tour bus will show you a city that looks powerful and unique, and this may be because of its historic position as home to opulent diamond dealers. Chartered bus by Coach Charter Germany is the perfect choice to discover the beauty and character of Antwerp.

If you decide travel with a group, then bus rental by Coach Charter Germany is best choice to travel in Antwerp or Belgium as a whole. Coach Charter Germany will ensure your group to have safe, punctual, and pleasant travel.

If you need inspiration where to go in Antwerp, then please find here our top 10 places to visit in Antwerp:

1 Red Star Line Museum

Our Tour bus will take your group to the Red Star Line Museum that unveils the exciting tales of many migrants who left Belgium for America mainly through Red Star Line ships. The Red Star Line Museum, situated in the past warehouses of the shipping company, which conveyed steamer after steamer full of people to the west, has an outstanding eye for features and historical context.

2 The MAS

The huge brick-like framework of Lego ® is located in the heart of an old harbor neighborhood, redeveloped because of this institution. You should visit the new MAS museum when you've fulfilled your historic sights inside Antwerp. It will take just a few minutes for our bus company to get you there.

3 The home of Rockoxhuis

Nicolaas Rockoxhuis was a star celebrity in 17th Century Antwerp. He was a lawyer and activist and his house remains a magnificent memorial to this day. Coach Charter Germany's rental bus will be the seamless partner to have when exploring this celebrity’s house.

4 Town square

The Grote Markt or city center forum of Antwerp dates originally to the sixteenth century and is a excellent example of that period's structural design. Fashioned in Renaissance and Gothic styles, the town hall building is the flagship. Brabo, a legendary executioner, is the statue at the epicenter of the square and was built in 1887. Chartered bus reminds you that the adjacent Hofstraat Street is the location of the sixteenth century Stock Exchange.

5 Central Station

Normally train stations may not be one of the best sights to check in most cities, but in Antwerp it's essential. The building's remarkable façade will take your breath away and the main hall is equally stunning. Coach Charter Germany’s Bus Company will be happy to pick up and drop off your group at this extraordinary station.

6 Ruben’s House

The Rubenshuis is the past residence of the painter Pieter Paul Rubens. Rubens planned the home by himself as a place to work and to live in the same building. It will take only a few minutes to get there with our tour bus and visit the traditional and beautiful art house.

7 Zoo

The Antwerp Zoo, built in 1843, makes a great day out activity when you're done visiting museums and architecture. The zoo may be one of the oldest in the nation but with state-of - the-art enclosures and breeding systems, with world-class facilities. From our chartered bus service you will hire a bus with a driver that will take you to this celebrated animal’s home now.

8 Cathedral of Our Lady

The Low Countries ' largest cathedral can be seen both from the outside and from the inside. The building took 169 years to complete in the year 1521. The spire is visible in many parts of the city, and always takes your breath away. Coach Charter Germany’s chartered bus proposes a visit to this old Baroque cathedral that is complimented with Ruben's artwork.

9 Chocolate Nation

You are welcome to visit the world's first Belgian museum of chocolate in Antwerp. Tours usually take 60 to 90 minute chocolate adventures in fourteen different show spaces. For centuries the love story between this tiny kingdom and the sweet chocolate satisfaction kept thriving. This museum is great for group tour or a private tour. If you travel with your group you could book a bus with driver with Coach Charter Germany’s bus company.

10 Grote Markt

Initially Grote Markt was a market place located outside the medieval quarter of Antwerp city. When the first annual markets were held, they where called the Foren van Brabant (Brabant fairs).

Coach Charter Germany suggests using flying to Antwerp city, and when you arrive at Antwerp our Airport shuttle will be there for you. Coach Charter Germany’s airport shuttle service will pick you and your party from any Airport or any other place in and around the city. We are an airport shuttle that gives you versatility because you are able to shape your individual group tour. Airport shuttle by Coach Charter Germany will be a good companion while traveling around Antwerp. Provide us with your request now and we will test rates and availability to offer you the best price for your Antwerp trip.

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Top 10 places in Antwerp | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Chris Chan, VP of Operations, Rangate
Top 10 places in Antwerp | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Since 2014, we have been utilizing Irro Reisen’s exceptional bus service. We are a group of woodworking professionals in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico touring European factories. The office is helpful in the planning stages. Our bus driver, Ian, has always provided us the utmost safe and professional service. The bus is also clean and very comfortable. We will see you again soon!

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Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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Top 10 places in Antwerp | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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