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Visit the Top 10 places in Friesland with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Friesland is one of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. The department encompasses all of the West Frisian islands except Texel. Friesland is the second northernmost province of the Netherlands. While Friesland is in Netherlands, its culture and music is unique to this northernmost area of the world. The area has glimmering lakes and impressive islands. These lands are also great places for hiking and cruising. Historical attractions such as Hindeloopen and Leeuwarden are popular with history enthusiasts.

Coaches Charter Germany will be your party travel buddy while preparing to discover Friesland of the Netherlands. Put the authorities in charge so they can take care of you. We offer multi-day trip around Friesland by long distance coaches. You can also select a bus service from Amsterdam Airport to Friesland. The transportation option we choose would be the best for us.

Coach Charter Germany decided to show visitors that there are plenty of things to do in Friesland: 

1. Stavoren

Stavoren is one of the oldest towns in Friesland and is packed with a great deal of charm. The main town of this metropolis is still as brilliant as ever. Thanks to ample water, the region has a lot of leisure activities. There is great ambiance of Stavoren, you know.

2. Workum

Workum has a number of museums. The most notable is the museum devoted to Jopie Huisman. You should consider visiting the Frisian Folk Museum to learn more about the rich heritage of Frisian folk. Besides museum, there are also various landmarks that can enhance your memory.

3. Sneek.

After seeing Sneek, you might want to visit the Frisian Lakes. Sneek was founded in the tenth century, making it one of the oldest Dutch towns. Sneek is the classical name throughout its history. Be sure to go kayaking and sailing in this magnificent place. It is worthwhile to explore the significance of fishermen to the city's identity while visiting the Frisian Maritime Museum.

4. Franeker

Franeker has fascinating historic sites and is a place of spiritual energy. Rolling in the city lets you explore beautiful old buildings, canals, bridges, and parks. The best time to visit PC Franeker is in July of each year. Through the live action, Frisian handball is rapidly becoming a sport in Holland.

5. Hindeloopen

Hindeloopen is also an enticing part of the Dutch coastline. Classic streets and buildings help make the atmosphere gorgeous for this area.It's clear that Hanseatic League was once present in this town because of its wealth and trade. The many wealthy inhabitants of Hindeloopen are therefore more aesthetic, luxurious, and extraordinary.

6. Frisian Lakes

The Frisian Lakes attract tourists from all over the world. There are many places to visit near LUCC. Sailing on the lakes is a truly amazing experience.

7. Harlingen

Harlingen is full of historical and cultural highlights for you. Despite its numerous canals, beautiful parks, and impressive historical architecture, Harlingen is still a beautiful city. Because of fishing and the shipping industry, the city of Harlingen has a rich culture and history.

8. Leeuwarden

Friesland is the most beautiful and picturesque city in the Netherlands. You can't get enough of city museums. There are museums in the entire world. The Fries Museum is worth a visit if you want to learn more about German history and culture, or to use the opportunity to see the cityscape from a canal tour. Of course, Leeuwarden is a really cool location.

9. Dokkum

You can see some of the most beautiful and preserved fortifications in Dokkum. This will be wonderful sight to those who like history. There are several windmills located near Dokkum. These buildings and houses offer an excellent example of Dutch architecture. The city also boasts a number of cafes, restaurants, and bars for you to visit as well as some of the finest boutiques and shops. Dokkum is a peaceful city that also draws visitors during the Frisian festival. If you manage to get chance to visit this wonderful time of the year, you'll be truly blessed.

10. West Frisian Islands

Frisian Islands are archipelago lying between the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. Ski resorts in Norway are popular with both locals and tourists alike, too. The islands are fitted with camping facilities and harbours for water cruisers. The Hawaiian islands are world renowned and stunningly beautiful. These islands are perfect destinations for visitors because they have enthralling villages and picturesque roads. Among modes of transport, it is the most popular to travel by bicycle, but visitors can also go for horse riding, take the boat on the beach and sail in the offshore waters.

Coach Charter Germany will assist you to fly to your group tour with ease. We have years of experience in this field. You are welcome to make bookings for our airport shuttle service, tour bus services and long-distance coaches from our online booking system. Our new fleet of charter buses of several sizes would serve the needs of our parties. The Coach Charter Germany deliver experienced, amiable drivers and a booking team who can help with all your travels. We look forward to responding to your question about our services.

Tom Speaker - Speaker’s Travel and Lion and the Lamb Journey
Top 10 places in Friesland | Coach Charter | Bus rental
We, Speaker's Travel and Lion and Lamb Journeys have enjoyed your service. The prices have been fair and the service excellent. I've also appreciated your immediate replys to my concern both from Karsten and Jessica. You are an honest hard-working company that believe in customer service.

Family-run company

Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Friesland | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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