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Visit the Top 10 places in Klaipeda with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Klaipeda with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Bus rental is glad to introduce you with Klaipeda which is a port city in Lithuania, located where the Baltic Sea meets the Danė River. Nevertheless, unlike other port cities, Klaipeda has none of the industrial facilities or dodgy vibes that are usually associated with these towns. On the opposite, the riverside promenade, the laid-back feel and the old town's charming architecture and cobbled streets make this Lithuanian city a wonderful destination to be visited by itself. A chartered bus has to admit though quite small in size, there are a surprising amount of things to do in Klaipeda. Our tour bus company recommends spending, at the very least, one full day exploring the city.

Our Coach Charter Germany’s bus company can support you with airport shuttle transfers or full day bus rental services in Klaipeda. If you're traveling in private, with a large group or on company, our modern tour bus fleet offers you a wide variety of chartered bus vehicles.

As experts in Klaipeda and tour bus services, we would like to give you some tips on what you should not skip on your trip to Klaipeda. Here are our top 10 Klaipeda attractions to visit: 

1. Old Town

Klaipeda's Old Town is extremely charming and small, and is extremely easy to navigate because the streets are on a grid network. Tour bus suggests take an hour or two to walk the cobbled streets and enjoy the stunning architecture while you read about the city's fascinating past. Klaipeda has been a part of the Kingdom of Prussia for much of its existence, and the town was renamed Memel. Under Prussian rule, due to its northern position, communications, and the fact that it is ice-free, the town has become a prosperous port. Evidence of the German presence spread around the Old Town.

2. Sculpture Park

The Klaipėda Sculpture Park is located in the center of Klaipėda, Lithuania. This park is one of the most important artistic landmarks in the city. The L-shaped park stretches over 12.2 hectares and features 116 modern sculptures created from 1977 to 1991 by 67 Lithuanian artists.

3. Danė River

While the town's west side is situated on the Curonian Lagoon leading out to the Baltic Sea, Klaipeda is also situated at the Danė River mouth. There are several cafes, restaurants and bars along the riverfront and it can be an extremely picturesque place to stroll along. Our bus rental recommends in nice weather you can hire a pedal boat on the river.

4. Botanical Garden of Klaipėda University

The Botanical Garden at Klaipeda University offers a wonderful escape from the city. Entering the grounds and strolling around the vast botanical garden, home to a wide variety of native fauna, is safe. Some plants are marked, so that you can know what they are. Though the botanical garden is located a bit outside of the city center, it is easy to access by our bus company. 

5. Castle Museum

Housed in the authentic underground defensive galleries of the 16th–18th century, the museum introduces tourists to the history of the city and the castle of Klaipeda, and displays archeological discoveries found at the site of the castle and in the old town. Curonian weapons and jewelry, various tools used by craftsmen such as brewers, smiths and shoemakers, tin-glass tiles dating back to the Renaissance and numerous other authentic exhibits can be seen at the exhibition. Some of the most significant and interesting objects on display in the museum is the 16th century gold ring encrusted with gemstones that was found on the grounds of the castle.

6. Swing Bridge

Swing bridge across the site of an ancient castle is a modern landmark. The so-called "Chain Bridge" was built in 1855 and still operates today. The bridge will help you quickly reach the Sea Gates and the Cruise Ship Terminal when crossing the coast of Dane / Dange. When the bridge is flipped, boats and yachts can reach the port of Castle. The chartered bus has to admit it is the only swing bridge in the whole of Lithuania. The strength of the physical individual is used to rotate the bridge. Two people are allowed to rotate the bridge. 

7. Monai restaurant

One of Klaipeda's top restaurants, Monai is a great choice if you're interested in the hip, "new Lithuanian" food trend that's sweeping the country. Our bus rental company guarantees this restaurant has reimagined local cuisine and is certainly worth checking out to serve new, locally sourced, and imaginative food.

8. The Town Hall

It is a historic house in which the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III and Queen Louise resided briefly (1807-1808) during the Napoleonic Wars. This was built in the late 18th-early 19th century and belonged to the Danish Consul Lork, and later to his relative Consentiu. This house, which later developed into the Klaipėda Town Hall, was made a magistrate of the city in 1864. The Mayor of the City of Klaipėda and part of the municipal government of the City returned to the City Hall from 2011.

9. Historical - Green Pharmacy

Jacob de Jonge founded the first Pharmacy in Memel in 1677. It was situated at 27/28 Firedrich-Wilhelm Street (now – Tilt St. 6). The complex of buildings was designed in a particular style of history. The Green Pharmacy is a small, rectangular, two-story building with an attic, a basement, preceding epoch fragments and a double-sided roof. The house was designed halfway through 19th century, and restored in 1978-1979.

10. Museum of amber "AMBER QUEEN"

Chartered bus welcomes you to visit the “Amber Queen” museum, which is located in the heart of Klaipeda’s old town.  There you can appreciate the inimitable bits of amber both new and antique. The most impressive collections will be presented to visitors by a large exposition. 

There are quite a lot of places to try out at Klaipeda. Our bus company is always happy to provide outstanding chartered bus services, tailored to your needs. Klaipeda has no own airport, but Palanga airport some 30 kilometers to the north effectively serves Klaipeda as well. With our airport shuttle it will take just 1 hour to get to the Klaipeda city center. The Coach Charter Germany’s bus company operates great charter bus services in Klaipeda. Whether its airport shuttle rides, frequent charter bus rentals or even dinner transfers at night, contact our support team at Coach Charter Germany and hire a bus with driver for your next ride to Klaipeda.      

Top 10 places in Klaipeda | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Aaron Flanzraich, Senior Rabbi, Beth Sholom Synagogue, Toronto, Canada
Top 10 places in Klaipeda | Coach Charter | Bus rental
I had the honour of leading a Synagogue tour covering three cities in Germany: Munich, Dachau and Berlin. This required seamless coverage for our transportation needs. From the initial contact with Irro Reisen and in particular Karsten the communication was courteous, professional and responsive. Upon landing in Germany to our departure a week later the drivers were accomodating, the buses were clean and modern, and the bus service became something we didn’t need to worry about. Which perhaps is the very best compliment one can provide!

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Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Klaipeda | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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