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Visit the Top 10 places in Catalonia with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Catalonia with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Catalonia is renowned for the great seaside resorts in the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. Barcelona has several interesting attractions including a historical district named Barri Gòtic, a large avenue called La Rambla, art museums and many beaches. Antoni Gaudí's unique architecture and designs can be seen at the Sagrada Família basilica and the colourful mosaics at Park Güell. 

Coach Charter Germany will become your community tour destination in Catalonia. Therefore, have the experience of our experts look after you and book your tour bus with the driver in our website. We will have coaches from Valencia to Barcelona and Barcelona to Girona. You can also book a shuttle transfer from the Barcelona airport straight to Barcelona. We have selected a chartered bus to explore the area around Barcelona. 

Coach Charter Germany's team wants to show you the most exciting things to do in the beautiful Catalonia. 

1. Barcelona. 

Barcelona provides stunning surroundings coupled with jovial lively city life. The most flamboyant city in Spain is also the capital of the region of Catalonia. Barcelona is well known for its stunning array of national museums. Museums like the Museu Picasso and Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya are great places to visit and see the works of art in different categories. 

2. The  Costa Brava.

The Costa Brava is a part of the Costa Brava and this is a scuba diving destination in France. This coastline serves as one of Europe's favorite playgrounds, and its picturesque towns have attracted artists such as Dalí, Picasso and Marc Chagall. Sandy beaches, including those in brightly colored Santa Susanna, are tucked into coves or basins within the coastal areas, and many other cities and towns have similar varieties of beaches. 

3. Montserrat Monastery 

The monastery of Benedictine of Montserrat stands on a rocky cliff, both musically and geologically. This magnificent natural place has a sense of earthly and spiritual meaning. The cable car can take visitors from the valley to the monastery. These views are astounding from such vantage point. Monastery complex comprises a church, library and art gallery. Guests will also have access to the on-site restaurant and cafeteria. The hotel guests who wish to spend the night will be accommodated at the three-star Hotel Abat Cisneros, which has been housed in a hospitable monastery building that has served as a pilgrims' hostel since 1563. 

4. Girona

Girona is the resplendent gem of Catalonia. The medieval walled city, Ibiza is rich in its cultural diversity with influences from Romans, Moors, and other assorted people of yore. 

5. Tarragona

Tarragona is a beautiful seaside town that has sunny beaches and also really nice historic buildings. This coastal town is about 100 kilometers from Barcelona, and it's an interesting excursion or an alternative route for exploring Catalonia. It would be a shame to miss the renowned Barrio del Serrallo in Tarragona, a picturesque port town. El Serrallo is a very historical fishing village and it is now a lively seaside district. At the harbor, fishing boats churn out fresh catches, which are sold in local fish market. Great seafood dishes can be found in restaurants near the harbour. 

6. Sitges

Sitges is in southern Spain, just 42 kilometres from Barcelona. The town has a lovely beach where people can swim. Yacht marinas and golf courses add to the aura of the locality. For those who like innovative food, Sitges has plenty to offer. The town has a number of restaurants offering Catalan regional cuisine. 

7. Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres

Famous for its association with Dalí, the village of Figueres is located in the peaceful plain of the Girona province (140 kilometers from Barcelona). The most impressive tourist attraction of the town is the Dalí Theater-Museum, which is devoted to the unusual work of the master Surrealist. 

8. Cadaqués and Cap de Creus Natural Park

Cadaqués is a quaint town at the port of Barcelona (170 kilometers from Barcelona). The whitewashed houses along the waterfront have the distinctive feel of a Mediterranean seaport. The village offers an artistic and cultural life to the residents of this region. 

9. Medieval Vic

Vic is a picturesque medieval town in a peaceful setting in the vicinities of the Marem River. The town of Montcada has two historic districts; the Castillo de Montcada and the Cathedral sector. 

10. Seu d'Urgell

Tourists will have a therapeutic break at the tranquil village of La Seu d'Urgell. It lies in a breathtaking location with the surrounding mountains of the Catalonia and the Andorra Pyrenees as a back-drop. Situated in Catalonia is a beautiful Spanish town surrounded by the mountains. 

Coach Charter Germany will help you achieve your community transport trip goals. Our bus tour company will surely provide you with a high quality bus service. We also offer car rental service to both long distance and short distances. Our fleet of chartered coaches of many sizes can provide the requisite transportation for your get together. Coach Charter Germany provides excellent bus service and has pleasant bus drivers. We eagerly await to hear back from you so that we can provide you with a transport quote for your needs.

Top 10 places in Catalonia | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Maica Feronato, Socaltur Turismo
Top 10 places in Catalonia | Coach Charter | Bus rental
We have been working with Irro since 2017, always with great success. The cordiality during the booking process, the quality of fleet and driver’ services are their highest points of good their good service.

Family-run company

Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Catalonia | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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