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Visit the Top 10 places in Dresden with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Dresden with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Upon arrival at Dresden Airport you will be welcomed by our airport shuttle which will take you to Dresden for a great journey. The Bus Company Service will be the ideal host for touring Dresden, the after-war-revived town of baroque wonders. Thanks to its rich past and beautifully restored city center, it has to be mentioned that it is becoming a significant travel destination in Germany. Tour bus Dresden offers a perfect combination of heritage sites and new luxuries, from renovated neoclassical architecture in Inner Altstadt to shopping centers in the nearby districts. Coach Charter Germany's Bus Rental is always your constant help to guarantee excellent holidays in Dresden.

You’re traveling as a group? The answer is bus rental service! Coach Charter Germany The easiest way to ride around Dresden is by chartered bus. Tour bus service will help you explore Dresden and enjoy your holiday. The Bus Company by Coach Charter Germany kindly asks the tour managers to inform group about the planned events early, so that preparations are made before the trip to Dresden. Airport Shuttle will ensure the transition of your group from airport to hotel and return.

Do you need suggestions where to stop in Dresden? Please find here top 10 points to see in Dresden: 

1. Frauenkirche

Crowned by one of the continent's largest church domes, the majestic Frauenkirche in Neumarkt is impressive. History confirms Frauenkirche was completely demolished in 1945 by the allies’ bombings. The rubble was initially left in Neumarkt as a war memorial, but in the 1980s was gradually transferred to storage to prepare for reconstruction. 

2. Zwinger Palace

This palace is among Germany's most famous baroque structures, the Zwinger was commissioned by King Saxon Elector Augustus II the Strong in the late 16th century as a place for lavish court events. The pavilions of the Zwinger are home to museums that concentrate on the state collections. The bus company by Coach Charter Germany will be the perfect partner to take you around this beautiful palace. 

3. Semperoper

The magnificent Dresden Opera House, named after its architect Gottfried Semper and built in 1878, is one of the world's most famous venues for the performing arts. Wagner and Richard Strauss (Elektra, Salome, Der Rosenkavalier) performed world premieres for operas at the Semperoper during the 19th century. Bus rental recommends taking guided tours of the boisterous internal decorations.

4. Dresden Cathedral

They set about building a new church in this town after the Albertine Wettins under Augustus II the Strong had converted to Catholicism to make them fit for the Polish throne in the 18th century. Chartered bus assures the cathedral contains the last surviving one of four organs built in the early 1750s by Master Gottfried Silbermann.

5. Neustadt

Consisting of an inner and outer neighborhood on the bank of the Elbe, the Neustadt is the district of Dresden that was rebuilt after a 1730s fire, which is why it is named "new." Bus rental guarantees party times to enjoy with dozens of restaurants and bars, at the outer Neustadt as it is among the top areas for a night out in Germany.

6. Kunsthofpassage

Once at Neustadt, you may pass by a passageway in the Neustadt through a series of courtyards with fanciful designs. Tour bus recommends taking the Hof der Elemente, which has a tangle of drainpipes assembled on the facade like musical instruments.

7. Pillnitz Palace & Park

The Summer Residence for Saxony's electors and kings is north from Dresden, on the Elbe. Pillnitz is in fact a complex of three palaces: the Wasserpalais (Waterfront Palace), the Bergpalais (Upper Palace) and the Neues Palais, the Neoclassical Palace of the 1820s. Rent a bus with a driver by our bus company and enjoy 28-hectare manicured grounds, Conifer Garden and Dutch Garden. 

8. Panometer

In 2006, the Austrian artist Yadegar Asisi brought his concept of "Panometer" to Dresden, installing a panoramic picture 27 meters high and 127 meters in diameter in a disused elliptical gasometer in the Reick region. Bus rental assures the idea is benefiting from the totally empty interior of the gasometer to show Dresden’s panoramas.

9. Transport Museum

This 5,000 square meter museum houses a remarkable assortment of the earlier generally used transport vehicles. Chartered bus guarantee The Dresden Motor Museum is a journey through motor developments, from steam engine trains to planes, cars, motorcycles and more. 

10. Brühl’s Terrace

Brühl's Terrace, located on the bank of the River Elbe and dubbed the 'Balcony of Europe,' is an architectural ensemble that stretches across the river and houses one of the most popular spots for locals and tourists alike fro great river views. 
Wherever you are staying at, Coach Charter Germany’s airport shuttle will transport and assist your group throughout your travel period in Dresden. Coach Charter Germany’s airport shuttle will pick you and your party from Dresden Airport or any other location in and around the area. It will take sometime to reach the city with our airport shuttle and start enjoying your holiday in Dresden. We are the tour bus that offers you options because you are able to build your individual group itinerary. For taking airport transfers in Dresden, our airport shuttle service will be the wise partner. 
Send us your inquest now and we will test the rates and availability of your trip to Dresden to offer you the best deal.
Your Coach Charter Germany Team

Top 10 places in Dresden | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Jillian Tincher | Travel Coordinator | Joshua Expeditions
Top 10 places in Dresden | Coach Charter | Bus rental
We have worked with Irro Reisen for almost a decade. And, we will continue to work with them because of their excellent customer service, great rates, and familiarity with multiple European countries. They have always worked with us and provide excellent drivers in the European area. We look forward to continue to work with them in the future.

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Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Dresden | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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