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Visit the Top 10 places in Ljubljana with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Ljubljana with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
If you've never been to Ljubljana before, you'd better have a fair excuse. It is a new, forward-looking city with an Italian architectural inflection in the center of Slovenia. Ljubljana owes some of its beauty to the disaster: the earthquake of 1895 reduced whole towns to rubble. But this only freed visionaries like Jože Plečnik from the rubble to create Art Nouveau masterpieces. The bus company must admit that Ljubljana is young, very fashionable and green as it can be: in 2016 it became the European Green City, a part of Europe not always known for its environmental friendliness. Tour bus will take you the city center that is now completely car-free, public transport is low-emission and there is a modern bicycle network. The squat-turned-cultural area of Metelkova is a must-see for hipsters and live music, with nightspots, bars and public art installations in the former barracks.

Would you like to travel with a group?  Bus rental service is the solution! Coach Charter Germany's chartered bus is the perfect partner to travel in Ljubljana. Our tour bus service will support you when visiting Ljubljana and enjoying your holidays. Coach Charter Germany's bus company will tell you about some of the planned events, so the arrangements will be done before the trip to Ljubljana. Our airport shuttle will take care of your group's move from the airport to the hotel and back. 

Do you need ideas where to go in Ljubljana? Find here top 10 places to go in Ljubljana: 

1. Prešeren Square

Prešeren Square is the main square of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The name of the place was originally called Marien place, which was named after the church. In the middle of the square is the statue of the Slovenian national poet France Prešeren. To the north of the square is the Baroque Franciscan Church (Frančiškanska cerkev Marijinega oznanenja or simply Frančiškanska cerkev) as well as the Urbanc House from 1903. One of the main streets in Ljubljana, Copova ulica, leads northwest to the NAMA department store. The Ljubljanica River flows south of the square and is crossed by the city's most famous bridge, Tromostovje (Three Bridges), designed in 1929 by Jože Plečnik. In the east is the building of the central pharmacy, while in the west the Wolfstrasse (Wolfova ulica) leads to the congress square (Kongresni trg) with the main building of the University of Ljubljana.

2. Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle is a magnificent medieval fort with a beautiful view of the city. The Bus Company must agree that when you visit Ljubljana, it's a must, but make sure you don't forget it! If you're a history buff, you're going to love the Castle of Ljubljana. But, you may skip the discreet funicular railway that links the street to the Castle. The funicular is available all year round and is one of the easiest ways to view the city from above. The trip is over fast, you're going to Castle Hill 70 meters in less than a minute.

3. Triple Bridge

A pair of three bridges lined with stone balustrades and lanterns will lead you off Prešeren Square. The central bridge of the three is a ton older than the two that connect it and dates back to 1842. This was meant for road traffic, while the two were introduced for pedestrians at the beginning of the 1930s and was the work of Jože Plečnik, Ljubljana's most famous architect. The riverside terraces filled with poplars and the temple-like flower shop that connects with the central market colonnade on the right bank are both dating from this era.

4. Dragon Bridge

Dragons are awesome, and Ljubljana has always had a lot of legends about them! As in Wales, you'll find dragons everywhere, just keep your eyes open! The main is the Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana, 7 minutes away from the Triple Bridge. It's one of the favorite sights of the tour bus in Ljubljana, as it represents power and courage. It's also a starting point for all the shops and restaurants in Ljubljana, so it's a nice afternoon out there. Bear in mind, though, that just like the Triple Bridge, sometimes it can be really busy.

5. Tivoli Park

In a few of the streets of Ljubljanica, you can be in a green space that pushes you out for more than two kilometers. It begins with the magnificent gardens and avenues landscaped in 1813 and continue to the Rožnik Hill woodland, lined with nature trails. 

6. Central Market

Tour bus wants to welcome you to the market built by Jože Plečnik. It hugs the river between this bridge and the Dragon Bridge and is situated on the site of an old diocesan college for girls that collapsed during the earthquake of 1895. This lovely colonnade on the outskirts of Prešeren Square shelters stalls selling herbs , spices and crafts, while bakery stalls, cured meat, dried fruit and nuts, dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables and fish are also on the way. Tour bus is able to say that the market is open every day except Sunday, while the areas served have somewhat reduced opening hours for open-air stalls.

7. National Gallery of Slovenia

It is located in the Restoration Palace at the end of the 19th century and has new extensions installed in the early 1990s and 2001. Consider Bus Company as a collaborator to see more than 600 works here, from Gothic liturgical art to the works of Italian Baroque painters and sculptors, who won a number of commissions in Ljubljana in the 1700s. 

8. St. Nicholas Church

Although if it may look like another church on the outside, the St. Nicholas Church (or the Ljubljana Cathedral) is one of the main landmarks in the area. Only take a look at the side doors and the main entrance that portrays the history of Slovenia in such an unusual way! It's one of the best sights in Ljubljana, in the view of the tour bus, as the exterior of the church is designed with such austere architecture that it pulls you inside where you'll be left speechless by interior decoration and jaw-dropping frescoes. Tour bus targets are at the ceiling; you 're definitely going to leave with a sore back.

9. Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana

A bus rentals think it's very important to get to know the craft of the place you 're touring. It's upsetting, confrontational and informative at times. It's the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, and if you visit it, you'll get to know the best of contemporary Slovene architecture. Located in a wonderfully contemporary home, architecture is not for all, but if you are interested in modern art and have an open mind, make sure to visit it.

10. Museum of Illusions

It is a museum of visual experiences that can please even the most curious minds. Bus rental recommends make sure you bring your camera, because this immersive museum is going to give you a really nice Instagram snapshot! Especially good for those who travel as a family, this museum is perfect for any age.

How to get to Ljubljana? 
Our airport shuttle will be happy to pick up your party from Jože Pučnik Airport, which is located 26 kilometers from Ljubljana. Our airport shuttle will take just 30 minutes to get to the city center of Ljubljana. Airport shuttle by Coach Charter Germany is suggested to fly by air. Airport shuttle service Coach Charter Germany will pick you and your party from Ljubljana Airport or any other location in and around the area. We are the airport shuttle company that gives you versatility while creating an individual tour with your friends. Our charter bus will be the wise companion to have when taking pier transfers to Ljubljana. 

Please send us your inquiry now and we will check your rates and availability to give you the best price for your trip to Ljubljana.
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Top 10 places in Ljubljana | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Top 10 places in Ljubljana | Coach Charter | Bus rental
We have worked with Irro Reisen for a number of years now and the cooperation has always been excellent. Their fleet of coaches is excellent and the drivers are very friendly and experienced. Should you ever require anything else, there is an excellent office support. Nothing is too much trouble and Irro Reisen go out of their way to ensure the customer is happy.

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