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Visit the Top 10 places in Malaga with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Malaga with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Known to many as the capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga is more than just a seaside city. You'll learn about the Muslim past of Spain in the magnificent Alcazaba Fortress Palace, though Pablo Picasso was born here, and there are museums that shed light on his early years. And at the famous festivals in the region, you can also get to know the culture of Andalusia, enjoy flamenco shows and quaffing sherry in the part of the world where they originate. Only in case you need to remember, Costa del Sol's world-famous beaches, golf course resorts could hardly be near.

Coach Charter Germany is your companion when it comes to team travel, bus hire, charter bus and airport shuttle services in Spain and Malaga in particular. Coach Charter Germany’s bus company has been successful in the bus rental industry for over 40 years. You should try to book a tour bus with a driver to visit all of Malaga's landmarks easily, safely and comfortably. We will be your bus company service with new and convenient charter busses to carry your team to the best locations. Coach charter Germany’s airport shuttle will pick up your group at Malaga Airport. It will take just a few minutes to get to the Malaga city center.

Please find below the Top 10 our bus company tips for Malaga for some suggestions on where to go on your tour itinerary while visiting Malaga: 

1. La Alcazaba

Málaga's Alcazaba, with its strong walls visible almost anywhere in the city, is a Moorish fortress palace and a precious monument from the Islamic period. It was first erected in the 8th century and spread over the next 500 years. There are two walls on this hill to protect the inner and outer citadel. Hire a bus with a driver at our bus company for your team that will take you to the beautiful gardens with fountains and gateways that the Arabs made out of the ancient Roman columns.

2. Roman Theatre

Just down the hill, beyond the outer walls of the Alcazaba, is the best ancient monument in the region. The theater was in use for about 300 years until the 200s, but was then forgotten and even used as a quarry during the Moorish period. The Coach Charter Germany’s tour bus will take you there.

3. Castillo de Gibralfaro

Unlike the Alcazaba, this hilltop fortress is above the town. It's a majestic landmark that you might recall from Malaga and the emblems of the wider province. There was a fortress here from the Phoenicians more than 2,500 years ago, and this castle was the site of a critical siege in 1487. Coach Charter Germany’s charter bus will take care of your team on this journey. 

4. Ataranzas Market

Like all of Spain, the central market is such a focal point of daily life in Málaga that you have to see it for yourself. Locals prefer freshness to the stalls in Ataranzas, and because the prices are fair. Come and buy all the daily produce on the market, such as fruit and vegetables, meat (both raw and cured), cheese, fresh bread and some local honey or sherry.

5. Málaga Cathedral

The Cathedral of the City has taken more than 150 years to construct, and so is a mixture of Renaissance and Baroque styles. The façade, for example, was one of the last sections to be completed and is fittingly wide, with arches, pillars and stone reliefs depicting saints. The north tower of the cathedral is 84 meters high, second only in Andalusia to the Giralda in Seville. Bus rentals at our bus company should make it easier for your team to get there.

6. Parque de Málaga

This esplanade is like a dive into undergrowth when the heat is on, and you'll be surprised how cool it can be even in the summer. The large, lush fronds of the towering palm trees have ample shade over the three main walkways. There's also something beautiful about seeing ornate sections of baroque and Renaissance sculptures and fountains surrounded by subtropical plants. In front of the City Council building there is a lovely rose garden, surrounded by orange trees and cypress trees. The chartered bus would be a good companion to explore this wonderful park. 

7. Automobile and Fashion Museum

A bus rental wants to take you to the historic museum, where both boys and girls can find plenty to appreciate. There are 100 classic cars for the kid, including Maseratis, Cadillacs, Aston Martins and Bugattis. The collection goes back to the early years of the 1903 De Dion Bouton car journey. As you're going through the decades, from the roaring 20s to the 1950s, the Dolce Vita era, the museum adds historical history to the show's models.

8. Málaga Football Club

La Rosaleda, a splendid stadium with a capacity of 30,000, is situated in the northern suburbs. The home town of Málaga CF has been in the Primera Division for almost a decade. For a while, Málaga had suffered a huge investment from its Qatari owner, which had propelled them to the Champions League, but he started pouring money into the club and they dropped back a little.

9. Espetos

You can't go wrong with espeto (grilled sardine) in the nearby chiringuito (beachfront bar) if you want to try a dish that's absolutely local. The typical way to do this is to dig a hole in the sand and make a fire, and then toast the sardines over the embers. Big, thick canes are usually used to skewer sardines, and when they are done, you can enjoy them with a pinch of lemon and a glass of white wine. There is a statue of the "Espetero" cooking sardines on the Paseo Marítimo de Antonio Machado in Malaga.

10. Feria de Agosto

Málaga is a wonderful city to visit at any time of year, but it's a little more special in August. In medieval times, after the Islamic period, it was one of the last cities on the Iberian Peninsula to return to Christian rule. Málaga took place on 14 August 1487 and this occurrence is celebrated every year in the third week of August by a week-long festival.

Let's hope that our suggestions for your Malaga transport will help you schedule your vacation in Malaga. Málaga is the ideal place to spend a few days in, with a range of places to explore. Coach Charter Germany will support you in every step of the way to fulfill your transport needs. Trust our skills and experience in the bus rental industry and encourage us to provide the best possible service of charter bus rental for your journey. Ask for an airport shuttle service and a charter bus service. Our new fleet of charter busses is state-of-the-art and gives you all the comfort you need. The Coach Charter Germany’s bus company provides trained and polite drivers as well as a supportive tour bus booking team.

Top 10 places in Malaga | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Top 10 places in Malaga | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Lara Travel has been utilising the services of Irro-Reisen for several year in various different countries. It’s their quality of customer service, high standards of buses and expert drivers that have made Lara Travel a returning customer. Lara Travel thanks the team at Irro-Reisen for being understanding, supportive and most of all accommodating to our clients various needs.

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Family-run Company

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Top 10 places in Malaga | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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