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Visit the Top 10 places in Mannheim with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Mannheim with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg's second-largest city, is situated at the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar Rivers. It is known for its  grid pattern, very similar to those seen in North American towns, which is raher unique among German cities. The famous water tower of the city and the charming Luisenpark are must-sees for any visitor. Mannheim is known for its vibrant cultural scene and decent shopping options in the busy city centre. Mannheim is also a major industrial and commercial city with one of the most significant inland ports in Europe.

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If you have not quite yet decided which attractions to visit in Mannheim, please check our Top 10 attractions for Mannheim:

1.    Wasserturm

Mannheim Water Tower is the city's most prominent landmark. The tower was designed between 1886 and 1889. Not just the tower itself, on whose roof there is a statue of Amphitrite, Poseidon's wife, is a major highlight. The surrounding park with its green fields, water basin and Greek mythology sandstone figures create a special environment. In addition, the varied water features in front of the striking tower build an enchanting overall image at nightfall, not just during the day. The water tower is a famous meeting place, particularly when it's beautifully warm outside and the sun shines.

2.    Luisenpark

In the city center is a green oasis that allows you to relax in nature. Mannheim's Luisenpark draws over 1 million visitors annually. Not surprisingly, as the park provides a welcome break from the city's hectic pace. Not only is Luisenpark one of Europe's most spectacular parks and impresses with its great variety, it also houses various animals and plants. You will enjoy over 350 plant species, 50 reptile and 350 fish species in their terrariums and aquariums in the plant show room. There are also various animal areas with penguins, flamingos, guinea pigs and more, an underwater world, butterfly house, and much more. What about a Kutzerweiher boat trip? The lake covers almost the entire Luisenpark and is home to ducks, tortoises, flamingos and many other species. The Luisenpark is the ideal place for a fun, quiet day away from town.

3.    Barockschloss Mannheim

Mannheim Baroque Castle is Germany's largest baroque castle and Europe's second largest. The palace has many highlights to deliver, including the Knights' Hall with its spectacular ceiling painting, four state rooms forming the Imperial Quarter and the library cabinet that remains in its original state. Visit the castle museum and the chapel of the castle, which is part of the baroque building. Today, Mannheim Palace is also the seat of the University of Mannheim.  

4.    Fernsehturm

The best view acrossMannheim' you can surely enjoy from the top of the more than 200-meter high telecommunications tower. Centrally located between the Neckar and Luisenpark banks, it provides a stunning view of the Rhine plain and the Odenwald. Enjoy the view while dining at Skyline Restaurant, situated directly above the viewing platform. The restaurant rotates around ist own axis in one hour.

5.    Rosengarten

Just located next to the Wasserturm is the Rosengarten. Of course, the Rosengarten is not a real rose garden, but a busy and sought-after congress centre which functions as a stage for  congress events, music concerts and theatre plays. The impressive building is worth a visit just because of is splendid architecture alone.

6.    SAP Arena

Opened in 2005, the SAP Arena is one of the most modern sports and event halls in Europe and the venue for many varied events.  The arena is not only home to the German ice hockey club Adler Mannheim, but also acts as a theatre stage and venue for trade fairs and top-class concerts. Many international and national stars have already been performing at SAP Arena, creating a great atmosphere in the arena, which holds approx. 15000 guests.

7.    Jungbusch

Mannheim's trendy Jungbusch district is colourful, lively and full of creative minds. In recent years, the Jungbusch has developed from a harbour district to a real trendy area. The special mix of creativity, industry and harbour creates a very special charm, which will surely inspire you immediately. During the day there is a colourful and lively hustle and bustle on the streets and in institutions such as the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, and at night there is a lot of partying in the clubs and discotheques of the quarter. It is also the interesting mix of different cultures that makes the quarter so exciting and thrilling. This mix also brings a lot of variety to the restaurants, cafés and bars in the Jungbusch. Discover this special corner of Mannheim and on Mannheim and let yourself be inspired!

8.    Technomuseum & Planetarium

The theme of the Mannheim Technomuseum is the history of industry from the 18th century to the 21st century. The Technomuseum is presented in an exciting and varied way and is always worth a visit for friends of science and technology. It offers a variety of exhibits from the industrial revolution to today's technology. Only a few metres away is another highlight of Manheim, the planetarium, just the right place for astronomy lovers.

9.    Kunsthalle

The Kunsthalle is a vital part of Mannheim's cultural scene and a must for any art lover visiting Mannheim. The museum holds many amazing works by artists including Bacon, Kentridge, or Manet, with a particular focus on sculptures. In June 2018, a modern new building was added to Kunsthalle 's old Art Nouveau site, built in 1909. Museum architecture is especially impressive, the light-flooded atrium is already a highlight. Through the museum's terrace you can also enjoy spectacular views of the water tower, Friedrichsplatz, and Rosengarten.

10.    Jesuitenkirche

The Jesuit church was built between 1733 and 1760, a sumptuously ornate baroque dream, sparkling with gold leaf. While Mozart spent time in Mannheim in the late 1700s, he admired his acoustics and atmosphere. As the rest of the area, the church sustained destruction during the Second World War, but has since been completely restored.

Mannheim is always worth a visit and you can find plenty of places to explore. If you need to arrange for transportation services during your stay in Mannheim, our bus company Coach Charter Germany offers you the services you need. We can pick you up from Frankfurt Airport and drive you comfortably to your accommodation in Mannheim using one of our new airport shuttle buses. Or why not rent your own bus and driver and explore Mannheim and surroundings for a day or two ? Our tour bus fleet provides various vehicles and sizes to meet your bus rental needs. Contact our bus charter team at Coach Charter Germany and let us know what you need.

Top 10 places in Mannheim | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Omer Ben-Zeev, CEO, Kishrey Tarbut Tevel
Top 10 places in Mannheim | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Mannheim | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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