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Explore the Top 10 places in Styria with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Explore the Top 10 places in Styria with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Styria is a mountainous and forested state in southern Austria renowned for its wine, medicinal springs, and castles. Graz, the provincial capital, is situated on a river and features a combination of Renaissance and Baroque architecture as well as futuristic structures such as the Murinsel, an artificial island built of glass and steel, and the seemingly extraterrestrial Kunsthaus, a museum of contemporary art. A cable car transports visitors to the Schlossberg, which features a clock tower from the 16th century.

Coach Charter Germany's bus company has been thriving in the charter bus industry for more than four decades. You can choose from a range of bus rental sizes and facilities by taking advantage of our bus depot location. Our airport shuttle buses will pick you up from Graz airport and transport you to your hotel in the city in comfort. You can also hire a tour bus with a driver to visit all of the local attractions safely and on schedule. We can provide a coach with a driver for several days of exploring other cities or crossing into neighboring countries via rental bus and chartered bus. Coach Charter Germany is the dependable mode of transportation needed when exploring Styria and its beautiful surrounding areas. To learn more about our charter bus services, simply send an email to Coach Charter Germany's touring bus department.

Coach Charter Germany will recommend the following top ten places for your Styrian itinerary:

1. Graz

Graz, the capital of Styria, is a lovely, relaxed place to visit, located along the Mur River and surrounded by fields and forests. Mountains, unlike many other towns in the state, can only be seen in the distance; its most notable geographical feature is the distinctive tree-clad Schlossberg Hill in the middle. The marvelous Rathaus, Opera House, and Clock Tower are only a few of the highlights of Austria's second-largest city's fascinating and impressive historical and cultural attractions. Graz has a youthful and vibrant vibe, thanks in part to its large student population, and there are many fantastic bars, restaurants, and shops to discover in addition to all of the amazing architecture.

2. Schloss Eggenberg

This castle, located in the city of Graz, has Renaissance features dating from the year 1625 and has stood since its completion in the 14th year. The grounds and their exquisite gardens are beautiful to explore and are embellished with frescoes and detailing. The gallery features a wide range of eye-catching works of art and sculpture.

3. Murau

The municipality of Mur is nestled in a valley between the Upper Tauern mountain range and the middle Gur Valley, next to a small forested area. As a consequence, it's a great place to ride a bike. In the summer, the Stolzalpen and Metnberget mountains provide glorious alpine meadows, waterfalls, and pristine lakes, the latter of which is particularly fascinating because it is hidden beneath a glacier. 

4. Erzberg

Erzberg, the largest open pit mine in Central Europe, is a sight to behold; from afar, a snorkeling mass of roads has been cut into and covered nearly every inch of the hillside. We seem to have cut and removed a rock hillside. The scar on the landscape stands out even more when viewed against the pristine mountains that surround it.

5. Skywalk Dachstein

If you're looking for an exciting, adrenaline-pumping experience while in Austria, Skywalk Dachstein is the place to go. Dachstein's'stairway to nothingness,' which protrudes over a death-defying drop to the mountainside below, has some of the most spectacular views imaginable. You'll forget all about the distance between you and the safe ground in no time.

6. Gruner See

One of Europe's largest colonies of cormorants and grey herons can be found about a kilometer southeast of Juodkrant. It's worth noting that the wooden stairs connect the road to a viewing platform with a panoramic view of thousands of nests in the forest, as well as the almost deafening clamor of the 6500-strong colony. The herons return a few weeks later to restock their nests, while the cormorants arrive a few weeks earlier. By the end of May, chickens will begin to demand food. Since the cormorants were introduced to Curonian Spit, the two animals have been at odds, with herons seen as intruders who take over the cormorants' nests. While it is believed that cormorants are to blame for lower capture rates, both cormorants and fishers are protected.

7. Riegersburg Castle

The epic Riegersburg Castle, perched dramatically atop a dormant volcano overlooking the town of the same name, is well worth a visit if you have the opportunity. The Princely Family of Liechtenstein owns the centuries-old castle, which is packed with interesting exhibits and artifacts. They will take you on a tour through the ship's long and illustrious history, with some breathtaking staterooms on display. Many of the rooms also have a witchcraft and sorcery theme, as one of the former Baroness' handmaidens was imprisoned and hanged for suspected participation in the dark arts. The medieval castle, which has been restored many times over the years, is surrounded by a series of walls, gates, and fortifications, and its location on top of a steep cliff face gives it the appearance of being almost impenetrable.

8. Schladming

Schladming, situated at the foot of the Dachstein Mountains, is a fantastic destination at any time of year. Its stunning scenery makes for excellent hiking and mountain climbing in the summer, and its snowy pistes are a delight to ski or snowboard down in the winter. The iconic resort town, with its very peaceful, laid-back feel, is the perfect place to unwind and immerse yourself in nature, with mountain biking and whitewater rafting also available. Schladming has some excellent shops, restaurants, and spas, and the Heimatmuseum is well worth a visit if you want to learn about the town's mining past. The main attraction, however, is the abundance of excellent ski slopes spread around the surrounding towering mountains.

9. Admont Abbey

Admont Abbey, built in 1074, has long drawn visitors seeking to immerse themselves in quiet contemplation. Its idyllic and peaceful setting on the outskirts of the Gesause National Park, surrounded by mountains, is unmistakable. While the original monastery was almost entirely destroyed by fire, the current neo-Gothic building was built in the late 1800s. The magnificent library hall of the abbey is without a doubt the highlight, and every surface of what is the world's largest monastery library is a work of art.

10. Bad Aussee

Bad Aussee is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, nestled among rolling hills and valleys with dramatic mountains rising in the distance – and that's without even considering the two glittering alpine lakes that are just a short distance away. Aside from its excellent museum, which teaches visitors about local cultures and customs, there isn't much to see in the region in terms of sightseeing. You'd be wise to spend your time exploring the nearby mountains, lakes, and valleys.

Coach Charter Germany assists with every step of the journey to ensure a successful trip. We give our 48 years of bus rental experience to provide the best tour bus hire services for your journey. You are welcome to use our online form to give us your group's requirements for airport shuttle service, tour bus service, or long charter bus service. Our new fleet of charter buses of various sizes can provide the required transportation for your group travels. Coach Charter Germany has experienced drivers as well as a caring booking team. We look forward to receiving your request and providing you with the appropriate transportation quote for your community travel needs.

Top 10 sites in Styria | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Top 10 sites in Styria | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Top 10 sites in Styria | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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