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Visit the Top 10 places in Denmark with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Denmark with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
While the Danish royal family has resided here for centuries, it is also known as the Kingdom of Denmark. Palaces and castles are everywhere. And if you're into history, there's a lot to see. Of course, it is a great country with incredible attractions, but our bus company recommends you spend time in even more beautiful locations while you're here in Denmark. To travel by bus from Germany to Denmark, you must have a Coach Charter Germany. Denmark boasts 65 million-year-year-old sandstone cliffs that can only be found in the open and interesting sand dunes for example. Perhaps more soothing are the wonderful seal habitats, far away from the main land.

If you choose to fly by coach, then using a travel agency like Coach Charter Germany is the best option for your tour in Denmark. Chartered bus from Coach Germany will ensure your bus trip to be clean, effective, fast, and comfortable.

Do you need inspiration where to go in Denmark? Find here our top 10 places to go in Denmark: 

1. Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is noted for having been established in 1859 because it was the first zoo in Europe. There are 264 species of animals, and 3,000 people who will find contentment in the zoo. And, like an actual rainforest, actual animals such as deer and snakes and crocodiles can be found in a tropical one-acre exhibit that is the size of 1500 square meters.

2. Thy National Park

Denmark has never before seen anything like it, with a landscape stretching along the country's entire western coast of Jutland's 12-kilometer shoreline and forests and blustery oceanic winds also go hand in hand. Because of this, hikers and bikers are frequent visitors to the park. To meander through the gorgeous dunes, so that you can observe both flora and fauna, all while getting a feel for the surrounding area. and many species of birds and mammals reside on the estate, perfect for wildlife watching because of the estimated thirty species of birds and animals that reside on the grounds.. To get there you will need to use Coach Charter Germany’s Bus Company. You can rent a bus with driver and enjoy your nice trip  to famous National park.

3. Råbjerg Mile

The Skagerrakene Sandormenis is the largest sand dune in all of Scandinavia, between Skagen and Tonsberg. Despite moving at a rate of 18 meters per year, the Råberg is visible because of its location on the beach. Every year, more than two million people travel to see the unique marvel of nature known as the Carlsberg Sea Monster.

4. Egeskov Castle in Funen

It could be one of Europe's most impressive and ornate fortresses. an elegant moat and beautiful spires are beautiful to see It is more respected for its surroundings than for the main structures and trails. Segway tours are also available. Using our bus company by Coach Charter Germany you will get there safety and comfortably.   

5. Buried church in Skagen

Den tilsandedejede kirke ligger på Skagen havøys strandene. Laurence was first mentioned as a patron saint in a book of sailors in the early 14th century. By the time of the 17th century, this structure would have been the tallest in the vicinity because of the level of development of the desert had reached. The church was closed in the year before it was rediscovered, when only the tower was left above ground. Chartered bus by Coach Charter Germany is best partner to visit this church.

6. Hans Christian Andersen Museum

H. He was born in the Danish town of Omein in 1805, and a statue was erected in his honor in the year 2008. The museum features many of the artists' contemporary works of art. If you're looking for some great stories, go see the museum and library; they're filled with them. Our bus company will be best partner to visit this museum.

7. Maritime Museum

Helsingborg Castle, which overlooks Lake Hamlet, serves as an indicator for Ophelia's drowning in Hamlet. She looks into the lake at her reflection; Ophelia "the underwater museum" is unique in this regard, in that it deals with Denmark's past on a tour of the country's sea below the surface. the pleasure is worthwhile if you can make the long journey from Copenhagen to see one of the world's most remarkable museums. In our Bus Rental Company you can rent a bus with the driver who will transfer your party to museum.

8. Oresund Bridge

The world's longest bridge, located in the region of Oresund in Sweden, spans Lake Oresund for a total of 8 km. it is also the longest bridge in Europe, as it offers the best perspectives on Sweden and the last views of Denmark.  

9. Kronborg Castle

The key setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet is Helsingø Castle. Also due to be noted is Lincoln Cathedral which was constructed between 1640 and 1860 as a UNESCO's heritage site. There's an incredible amount of woodwork on the tower, as well as the chapel; remember that, too. Alongside Italian Renaissance tapest tapestries, on the building's core lies the sumptuously elegant Knights' Hall, on the western side of the structure. 

10. Christiansborg Palace

The city has a lovely feature with Christiansborg Palace situated in the center. The municipality of Slotsholmarken now serves as both the nation's capital and as well as Denmark's prime minister. Copenhagen was founded in the year 1167 by King Valdemar Eric Magnusson and his family, who owned a large part of the property, and today the Royal Family owns one-thirds of the area. Remains of a 13th-century fortifications and a former bishop's residence can be seen near the village. 

Bus charter Germany will pick you and your party up from any of Denmark's eight major airports or from any location in and around the world. Your airport shuttle means that you will not have to stress about traveling to the hotels or convention centers with your party. We are the airport tour that allows you to design your personalized trip. We should consider using our airport shuttle as part of our travelling logistics in Denmark.
Sent us your inquiry now and we will check prices and availability for you in order to give you the best price for your trip to Denmark.

Top 10 places in Denmark | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Top 10 places in Denmark | Coach Charter | Bus rental
Lara Travel has been utilising the services of Irro-Reisen for several year in various different countries. It’s their quality of customer service, high standards of buses and expert drivers that have made Lara Travel a returning customer. Lara Travel thanks the team at Irro-Reisen for being understanding, supportive and most of all accommodating to our clients various needs.

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Family-run Company

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Denmark | Coach Charter | Bus rentalOur Fleet

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