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Top 10 places in Brno | Coach Charter | Bus rental
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Visit the Top 10 places in Brno with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company

Visit the Top 10 places in Brno with Coach Charter Germany - your coach charter company
Brno, second largest town in the Czech Republic, is an ancient historic town in South Moravia, situated in the south-east of the region. Brno is a significant place of studies and is host to a variety of prominent universities. The city is also an important hub for commerce, manufacturing, culture and science, and an important European fair site. Cultural life in Brno is very abundant and many festivals take place during the year.

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We have some ideas for you to explore in Brno. These are our top 10 places to visit on your own tour bus:

1. Špilberk Castle and Brno City Museum

Špilberk Castle dates back to the 13th century and was founded by the Czech king Pøemysl Otakar II. It was established on a strategically important hill and operated in the past as a royal palace, a stronghold and even a jail. Today the castle hosts the Brno City Museum with several impressive permanent exhibits about the castle's architectural past and the Brno community. Concerts, theatre shows, and other cultural activities are held in the castle courtyard throughout the summer. Be sure to appreciate the view from the observation tower of the Castle over Brno.

2. Ville Tugendhat

Villa Tugendhat is available for daily visitors and is considered a template of contemporary design together with Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye in Paris. Designed between 1928 and 1930 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Villa Tugendhat is a marvel of functionalism and a member of UNESCO World Heritage. This building's background is just as significant as its architecture. The Tugendhats were a Jewish family, who in the late 1930s had to leave Brno. The villa then was the Gestapo center, and then Soviet Army headquarters. Greta Tugendhat returned to Brno in the late 1960s, and began to rebuild this exceptional house.

3. St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

This magnificent cathedral, one of the Czech Republic's most significant architectural landmarks, is located in the heart of Brno, on the stone spur of Petrov. The majestic Catholic Cathedral symbolizes Brno and is widely recognized all over the world. A magnificent architecture makes this cathedral worth a visit. There is also the chance to see the ruins of the initial city walls hidden under the cathedral, as well as its curious ancient crypt.

4. Moravian Karst and Caves

The Moravian Karst and caves are renowned in Brno for their cold air and stunning caves, and a must. The place is situated 25 kilometers northeast of the city, conveniently reachable by charter bus with your Coach Charter Germany. This karst region spans over 100 square kilometers and contains over 1,000 recognized caves and gorges. You can tour several stalagmites and stalactites when traveling along lit paths across the caves. You might go on a fantastic boat ride down an underwater canal, too. Be sure to explore the Macocha Canyon, a dark gorge missed by viewing platforms and bridges for the pedestrians. This area is always famous, so make sure you book your tickets and tour bus early on for this journey.

5. Lužánky Park

Lužánky Park became the first urban park in the Czech Republic today to be recognized as a national monument. The park was designed in the French style and later became a botanical garden with an ornamental flow. The Denis Gardens link the Cathedral of Peter and Paul to the Castle of Špilberk. Whether you have the strength to conquer the hill, there are other surprises waiting for you in the city, such as the 19th century pavilions and the beautiful colonnade. There are also viewing sites that deliver the most romantic views in Brno.

6. Brno Zoo

The Brno Zoo was established in 1953 and is a must-see for a family visit. More than 1,800 creatures live here, including about 400 separate organisms. Among the bigger animals seen here, including polar bears, grizzly bears and lions, there are still plenty of other interesting species to be found, from primates to lemurs to fish and reptiles. Of special interest are the various wild species, including Kamchatka brown bears and arctic foxes, in Eastern Europe and Siberia.

7. The Labyrinth and Mint Master’s Cellar

The maze beneath the Zelný trh square (Labyrint pod Selným trhem) is indeed a great underground experience not to be missed. This involves a tower with several ancient medieval tunnels and secret passages that are located under the center of the ancient produce market that meanders the area. Such ancient old cellars, which have been used as of the 13th century to store grain, now feature interesting representations of its earlier history and usage as a jail. 
Also worth a stay is the similarly fascinating Mint Master's Cellar. The old cellars beneath Dominocan Square and New Town Hall are situated. You'll consider displays about the town's history and the mint's function once located here.

8. Gregor Mendel’s Abbey and Museum

Gregor Mendel, the genetic expert, lived nearly his whole career in Brno and is today considered one of the 19th century's most influential scientists. Visit the garden at the Abbey of St. Thomas, where Mendel carried out his famous studies on pea plant that helped him to uncover the heritage secrets. The Mendel Gallery offers exhibits outside the old city which sheds new light on the practices of Mendel. You will also read more about his beekeeping studies, which were less significant in historical records

9. The Church of Saint James

From almost 500 years this building, a beautiful national treasure, is still preserved very well. It's a stunning gothic structure with thick vaulted ceilings. Latest excavations have also shown that thousands of people live beneath the building. If you wish, after Paris Catacombs you will visit the biggest ossuary. It launched in 2012 and houses 50,000 individuals with bones and skulls organized in style and columns.

10. Brno Dam 

The Brno Dam is on the river Svratka, around 6 km from the center of Brno. On your Coach Charter Germany's tour bus you will access the dam conveniently. The dam is surrounded on all sides by vast woods and provides various opportunities for natural exploration, including hiking, cycling and water sports. The perfect time to ride on your charter bus to Brno Dam is after sunset in late May and early June, as teams around the world are vying for perfect prizes in the Ignis Brunensis Fireworks Contest.

Hire your bus with a driver and you'll be collected by Coach Charter Germany via our airport shuttle bus or tour bus from Brno central station or Brno airport after arrival. Notice that irrespective of whether you are visiting Brno for a private holiday or business ride, the bus operator and charter bus hire specialist Coach Charter Germany stands ready to help. We give you a great service and satisfy all your needs: great transportation, secure and convenient charter and tour bus of modern fleet, polite and professional drivers,  friendly and welcoming Coach Charter Germany's charter coach booking staff. We look forward to responding to your needs.



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